Domestic and House cleaning Service

Glimmr delivers the highest standards when it comes to house cleaning in London. Our experienced staff follows a detailed home cleaning checklist that has been specially designed to ensure that you receive a stellar cleaning experience every time.

Our standard house cleaning covers everything you would expect including:

1. Kitchen spaces
2. Bathrooms
3. Common areas (such as living rooms)
4. Bedrooms

Find more details on the above on our house cleaning service page.


Deep cleaning service

Has it been some time since you booked your last professional cleaning session? Is your home in need of more attention than a regular domestic cleaning can provide? Look no further. Glimmr offers a high quality deep cleaning service that is designed to go deeper than a regular clean and restore your home to the way it once was.

A deep cleaning includes all the elements of a regular house cleaning but goes deeper into all of the nooks and crannies that a regular house clean would miss.

This service is ideal for those who haven’t had a deep cleaning session in some time (we usually recommend our customers to perform this service at least twice a year) or if your home looks in a particularly dire state and you feel that you would need more elbow grease to restore it than a regular house cleaning can provide.

For more details, visit our deep cleaning service page.


End of tenancy cleaning service

Looking to move out of your current home to bigger and better things? Glimmr has you covered. Our extensive end of tenancy cleaning service can provide you with all that you need to restore your current home to pristine condition. That way both you and your landlord stay happy!

Our end of tenancy cleaning includes everything in our regular house cleaning as well as:

1. Inside windows
2. Baseboards
3. Inside of the oven
4. Inside of the fridge
5. Inside of the cabinets
And more upon request..

It is important to note that at this stage, we don’t offer carpet cleaning services.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is best for individuals looking approaching the end of their tenancy agreement and looking to restore the condition of their home before moving out. For more details on this service, please visit our End of tenancy cleaning service page.


Pre-tenancy cleaning service

Are you a landlord looking to rent out your property or just someone looking to sublet their home? In both cases, a clean and pristine property is more likely to get you the right price with potential tenants. For this reason, glimmr’s pre-tenancy cleaning service can be a great choice before reaching out to potential tenants.

For more information on this service, please visit our pre-tenancy cleaning service page.


Commercial cleaning service

Being a business owner can be tough. Aside from the day to day operations of running a business, it is important to maintain a good image with clients and co-workers. Glimmr offers commercial cleaning services that are tailored to your unique situation. The best part? Unlike other cleaning companies, we require no contract commitments.

If you want to stop receiving our services, simply let us know through an email or by calling us 48 hours before your next scheduled clean. It is really that simple!

Find out more about this service on our commercial cleaning service page.


After builders cleaning service

Having building or renovating works done at your home can be quite exciting. What isn’t exciting is the huge mess that can be created in your home as a result of these activities. Glimmr’s after builders cleaning service offers an easy and convenient solution to this problem.

Get more details on our after builders cleaning service page.

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