Having building or renovating works done for your home can be an exciting time. The real problem, however, comes when it is time for the builders to call it a day and you have to move back into a space covered with dust, dirt and minor debris. These are times when you need some extra man power to get the job done and as always, glimmr is here to help with that. Our after builders cleaning service is a convenient way to restore your home and make it shiny and spotless in no time.

You can book your first after builders cleaning service in 60 seconds.

  • How is this different from a regular house cleaning service?

    A regular house cleaning service is intended to be used to maintain the cleanliness of your home over time. It does not go into the level of detail of some of our other cleaning services such as an after builders or deep cleaning service. On the other hand, an after builders cleaning service is naturally more intensive. The scale of the clean is larger due to more dust, dirt and debris than is usually found in one’s home.

    Another difference is that your after construction cleaners also come prepared with the specific tools and skills needed to provide high quality results for this type of clean.

  • How to ensure you get the most out of your after construction cleaning service

    An after builders cleaning service can be an intensive process and our team of professional cleaners work very hard to get your home to the best state that they can. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you get the most out of your clean:

    1. Make sure to have running water and electricity

    Sometimes, when construction services are being carried out at one’s home, they may not yet have access to water and electricity. In some cases, these services may also temporarily be turned off for safety reasons while construction is being carried out.

    While this is to be expected, our cleaners need access to running water and electricity to carry out their cleaning. We reccommend only arranging for cleaning services once both of these utilities have been restored to your home.

    2. Only book when construction activities have ceased

    The quality of your clean can be seriously reduced if there are still building works happening in your home during the cleaning process. This is because dust and dirt is still being accumulated while the cleaning process is being carried out, making the clean ineffective.

    We recommend booking your clean at least 24 hours after the builders have finished with their project. On the other hand, we will be able to clean certain areas or entirely different properties where construction works aren’t being carried out.

    3. Give as much detail as possible

    At glimmr, we try to provide the best estimate of the size of the job with the information we have. Sometimes, we may arrive at a property and realise that the size of the job was larger than we originally expected. In these cases, the common procedure is for us to give you a ring and provide the new estimate of the job.

    At that stage, you may either chose to continue with the existing clean or chose to make an additional payment and extend the scale of your job. If you chose to continue with what was previously agreed, your home cleaning session may be less thorough since there is more to clean.

    A good way to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate estimate is if you provide as much detail about your property as possible in our booking form.

    4. Try to avoid a schedule clash with other services

    We have already seen why it can be difficult to carry out cleaning services while construction workers are still out and about, but the same holds for other service professionals as well. Plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners and others can all cause a disruption to the cleaning process if they are carrying out their activities at the same as cleaners.

    In this case, it is important to ensure that all of these services are scheduled in such a way that there isn’t a scheduling clash with cleaning activities. In an ideal situation, we reccommend scheduling an after builders cleaning service after each of the other services have been carried out. This way, it is much less likely that a repeat cleaning would need to take place.

    5. Allow enough time for the cleaning process

    An after builders cleaning service can generally take much longer than a regular house cleaning so make sure you make an allowance for this time.

  • All a bit confusing?

    Some of this might seem a bit confusing if you haven’t been exposed to it before. If you’re not sure how to get started or are just looking for a friendly face to speak to, give us a ring at +447779095723 or send us an email at Our Customer Happiness Team will be happy to help you through any questions or concerns you may have about booking our professional cleaning service.

  • What we don’t do

    There are a few things that we can’t cover as part of our after builders cleaning service:

    1. Light bulbs and fixtures: Light bulbs and fixtures tend to be quite fragile, which make them quite difficult to clean. Due to the liability involved, we tend not to clean these.
    2. Garage and patios: Often times, cleaning garages and patios requires the use of sophisticated cleaning equipment such as pressure hoses that our cleaners don’t carry.
    3. Carpets: Cleaning carpets requires the use of carpet cleaning equipment that our cleaning teams don’t carry at this stage.
    4. Outside windows: Outside windows often require ladders and specialised equipment to clean properly. Due to this and health and safety reasons, our cleaners are only instructed to clean easy to reach sides of your windows.

    If this information has helped you in making your decision, the next step is to book your next clean with glimmr.

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