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Why Choose Glimmr Cleaning?

Glimmr’s 3 values are strong and has shone through with our customers.

Quality Cleaning

By hiring the very best cleaners and the most experienced ones in Barnet, our customers can place confidence in our quality cleans and be happy after every clean.

Customer Service

Our customer support team are assisting in our customer’s process in having a simple and seamless cleaning experience with Glimmr. By having such a great service, our customer support team is continually expanding and receiving amazing feedback from our customers and potential customers alike. Contact our team by email or telephone for any enquiries about Glimmr’s cleaning process!

Great Relationship

Building relationships are fundamental in everyday life. We have an amazing relationship with every cleaner that joins our cleaning family in Barnet. By having a great relationship with both customers and cleaners alike, we create a positive environment where every stakeholder is happy to help. This has meant that our cleaning services are fantastic and our customer reviews are amazing too. Take a look for yourself and book with Glimmr!

Areas we cover in Barnet

Within Barnet, we cover a variety of areas. Don't’ worry if you want to recommend a friend but you're not sure if Glimmer cleaning services are offered there, it is likely that our coverage is widespread enough to cover it! Our areas include: Totteridge, Whetstone, Edgware, Mill Hill, High Barnet, Cricklewood, Collindale, Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley and West Hendon.


Glimmr uses an easy user-friendly process for our clients in Barnet. We ensure each stage is handled with precision and professionalism for your comfort and satisfaction.


Our booking process in Barnet is designed to be easy to use and straightforward. This is because we understand the importance of your time, so we extract only the most critical information from our customers to perform our outstanding Barnet cleaning. Our professionalism and our online platform remains unrivalled, and our customers are stress-free as a result. Fill in our booking form and you’ll see!


Our cleaners in Barnet have been rated one of the best in the UK. Every cleaner appreciates the importance of doing a great job and so we are highly rated for our cleans. Our cleaning team is the best at what they do because they enjoy it! Let our cleaners handle the chores in your house and enjoy your life with friends and family!


Mess creates unproductive mindsets. Let Glimmr sort out the mess and become stress-free. From our booking process, to customer support and our cleans, it is all designed to be simple so it does not waste our customer’s time. We know your value, and let us bring our value as a premium cleaning company in Barnet to you.


Cleaning in Barnet is competitive, and it’s great that it is. Even so, we have many unique points about Glimmr which enable our customers to choose us very easily.


Our Barnet cleaners are the most experienced and personable in the area. The range of experiences that our cleaners have had in the cleaning industry is expansive, from care-homes to hospitals, to apartments and to houses. With such an array, our cleaners are trusted to clean and tackle any scenario, so our cleaners can problem-solve and clean with efficiency.


Our cleaning services customer support team is supplemented by having cleaners that can speak English. This makes everything easier, from special requests from customers to arranging consistency with any cleaner, we are especially picky about who we hire. In fact, we never hire contract workers. We believe communication is vital in the professional domestic cleaning in Barnet so we have made this part of our hiring policy.


Our cleaners in Barnet are background checked and reference checked. This sounds excessive but we do this because we know how important is is for our cleaning services in Barnet to offer safety and assurance. Every cleaner has been thoroughly reviewed so there is no worry about bringing them into your home. We trust our cleaners in your house as we would in our own.


Offering cleaning services is exciting because we like to see our cleaners bring a smile to our customer’s face. By having cleaners that are both experience, hardworking and personable, we can offer this to our customers. We can rely on our cleaners because we have developed a relationship with every cleaner, by interviewing them in person. This unique hiring policy is unmatched by fellow cleaning companies and know that this has translated into retaining the best employees.


As we offer premium cleaning services in Barnet, we are always seeking to improve our quality. Our customers leave us feedback and we are always so happy to hear that we’ve made their home sparkling clean. We love growing our company and learning about every cleaning services experience. Book with Glimmr in Barnet to find out how you can get a smile on your face!


We recognise that every home is spectacular and special in its own way, which is why different cleaning styles are required for each house. By offering a range of cleaning processes, such as regular cleans, deep cleans and end of tenancy cleaning in Barnet, we give our clients the flexibility in their homes that they need.

cleaning shepard's bush


Cleaning regularly is important, but it’s also time consuming. By booking with Glimmr, you can allocate your time to your hobbies. We help you ensure that you can breathe happily in your home by cleaning countertops, dusty areas, around appliances and general maintenance. Book with Glimmr weekly or biweekly to ensure the hygiene of your home.



Deep cleaning generally refers to a more intensive clean, where we try and reach the harder to reach areas of the house. This is including behind appliances or in the tiny corners of the house. Our cleaners are fully-equipped to deal with special cases and our recommendation is that Glimmr deep cleaning should be booked at least every month and the very least every 3 months.



End of Tenancy cleaning in Barnet is our forte. Our cleaners have had years of experience in ensuring that rooms and houses are properly cleaned for the next tenant. This is important for either the tenant or the landlord, and we help both in fulfilling their contractual obligations. Barnet is full of interesting activities, so we believe that one should go to enjoy Barnet and savour a few days or a week of cleaning by delegating it to our cleaners, who are more experienced and are efficient. Move out of your home hassle-free and retrieve your deposit funds!


"I was out of town and friends needed to use my apartment the next day. Not only were you guys able to clean my apartment in a rush, you also sent me digital pictures of my apartment showing what a great job you did. Blown away by the customer service."

Daniel & Grace Hiscox

"I have been really pleased with Glimmr. Their online booking system is user friendly and they are incredibly responsive and flexible. I use them for our recurring monthly cleaning appts and am continually impressed - they do a really great job! Great value for the cost."

Elena Danastov

"Very trustworthy service. I've used Glimmr multiple times now and never been disappointed. Price is good deal, staff is extremely professional and friendly and booking interface is super intuitive. Absolutely recommended."

Antonio Pellagretti

"I was recommended this by and friend and I can say it has an incredible service! friendly and professional cleaning staff who were very thorough. I've never seen my apartment so clean and smelling fresh! It's looks like it's been restored to when I first bought the place! Booked for weekly cleans going forward for sure."

Kelly Carlin



Barnet has 15 council run libraries in Barnet, which is a testament as to its cultural and intellectual spirit. Barnet also includes top grammar schools for children and this is an ideal area for families. There are also many golf courses and parks, such that there are 67 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation within Barnet. With so many activities to do and things to see - like 2 Grade I Listed Buildings designed by Edwin Lutyens, it is important to take your day off work and enjoy what Barnet has to offer. Meanwhile, enjoy what Glimmr cleaning has to offer, a premium cleaning service in Barnet! Get outdoor and enjoy those premier parks that Barnet has to offer!

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