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Why Choose Glimmr Cleaning?

Glimmr has developed an easy system for our cleaning customers in Chiswick. We pride ourselves in being a top domestic cleaning service in Chiswick so we hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism towards our cleaning bookings and clients. Glimmr stands out as a cleaning company for many reasons. We’re unique because we dedicate ourselves to having...

Best Quality

We’re the best quality for both the cleaning job itself and the process of booking it. We offer flexible range of services whilst buying the best equipment for the job.

Smooth Communication

Our hiring policies are tight and we have made it such that you can communicate with our support staff team at Glimmr as well as our cleaners. Both levels of communication are easy to use and adapt to. Just send us an email for any specific enquiries and we are there to respond quickly.

Saves you Time

Our whole process is oriented around saving you time. The whole reason why people love cleaning services is to allow them to relax because they’re busy people. Just sit back and relax, and Glimmr will do the rest.

Areas we cover in Chiswick

Within the borough, Glimmr covers many different areas. We have enabled this location flexibility because we want everyone to be within our reach. Our efficient services can respond to your cleaning needs. Glimmr covers: Bedford Park, Grove Park, Strand-on-the-Green, Gunnersbury, Turnham Green and Chiswick Park.



We understand that filling in forms can be a dull task. We have create a simple process for booking our cleaning services. Glimmr’s booking system is so easy that you can fill it out and complete your tailored requirements within 60 seconds, to which we will sort out the rest and designate a cleaner for you in Chiswick. The process includes filling in your contact details and address, selecting your desired product (regular clean/deep clean/ end of tenancy cleaning in Chiswick). Try our user-friendly website and book with us for an efficient and fast process.


What next? The duster is relayed to us and we help you finish the cleaning race. You can sit back and relax and enjoy your hobbies, whilst our experienced Chiswick cleaners start the journey of making your home sparkle. Not only do we have experienced cleaners, we have the right equipment which will remove the dirt and the dust that you need in your Chiswick home. Let us know if there are any special requests, such as eco-friendly products!


Our Chiswick cleaning services are top-rated and it means that you can leave your home safely in our hands. You can enjoy the activities in Chiswick and return to your home in a happy and comfortable manner. By booking us, you have guaranteed yourself a stress-free home environment, which is an essential ingredient to the happiness of life. Looking at the pros and cons of booking a cleaner with us, there’s really no reason to hold back, get booking and we’ll start cleaning in Chiswick!


Many of our first-time customers fret about the personal element of their home, and bringing our cleaners in Chiswick into their home for the first time. Our mission is to ensure that every customer leaves happy and so we also want to check who’s entering their home. Booking with Glimmr ensures that you have trustworthy cleaners. Booking cleaners in Chiswick is an onerous task, and knowing who to trust is harder. This is why we’ve written a policy that will enable you to make the right decision. Our aim is to allow you to relax by assuring you that we check every cleaner that works with us. Glimmr offers the best cleaning services in Chiswick because we care about hiring:


To clean well, we must hire the right cleaning staff, and so we have a selective criteria for them. Our employees have over 3 years of cleaning experience and have worked on a variety of apartments and houses. There is a checklist that we have stuck to in order to maintain and improve the quality of our cleaning services.


As you may have experienced with other cleaning companies, their cleaners can clean well but they cannot communicate well. Glimmr is committed to ensuring that our cleaners can understand English and communicate it. To provide you with a true efficient cleaning experience, we have made this an absolute priority. Our employees can communicate with you about your cleaning needs and any last-minute requests you may have on the job. This takes extra time and cost but Glimmr knows that this is the key to building long-lasting relationships in Chiswick and we care about this.


Central to our aim of providing a safe and easy process, we perform background checks on our employees in Chiswick. We know that letting someone in your home is scary and important, so we have made it a critical mission to ensure that we can place trust in our cleaners to perform cleaning services in our own home. At Glimmr, we look at both the background and references.


To supplement these background checks and professional work experience checks, we also interview in person. We take our hiring process seriously and have found that getting to know the cleaner in person helps us judge the quality of their character and this has correlated highly with the quality of their cleans. At Glimmr, we want the best, and the best cleaners have indeed remained with us to this day.


When hiring a cleaning services, reviews are very important and they should be! Our clients have had such a great experience that they do our marketing for us! This is something we are very proud of and it shows that we can rely on customer’s great experiences to spread the word of our premium services.


Glimmr has deliberately included a range of cleaning services for our customers to choose from. We know that you have different needs on different occasions. We have regular cleans, deep cleans and end-of-tenancy cleans in Chiswick.

cleaning shepard's bush


Regularly cleaning your house is important to maintain a level of hygiene in your home for you and others to live and breathe in. It is very closely related to productivity and stress levels so we recommend that a regular clean is booked. We’ll help you remove the dirt that builds up over the week and the grime in the bathrooms. Whilst this sounds horrible to you, our cleaners enjoy sparkling up a home and get satisfaction from this. We recommend that this is booked at least once a week, or at the very least biweekly or monthly.



A deep clean is an intensive clean. It is a cleaning activity that occurs less frequently. Sometimes spring cleaning and even end of tenancy cleaning in Wimbledon are referred to as a deep cleaning service. We come fully equipped to dig out the gunk, scrub the hidden corners, and eliminate the germs thriving in peculiar places. A deep clean is refreshing and greatly required for every home.



Whilst it is the end of your tenancy, it is a beginning of a new one for others. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your room is up to scratch for the next tenant. We help tenants and landlords ensure that the place is cleaned up to standard. An end of tenancy clean is very difficult to the average person, but our experienced cleaners know how thorough and how to clean the place well. At Glimmr, you will have the comfort of knowing that you won’t need to spend days cleaning the place and can move on with your life in your new home.


"I was out of town and friends needed to use my apartment the next day. Not only were you guys able to clean my apartment in a rush, you also sent me digital pictures of my apartment showing what a great job you did. Blown away by the customer service."

Daniel & Grace Hiscox

"I have been really pleased with Glimmr. Their online booking system is user friendly and they are incredibly responsive and flexible. I use them for our recurring monthly cleaning appts and am continually impressed - they do a really great job! Great value for the cost."

Elena Danastov

"Very trustworthy service. I've used Glimmr multiple times now and never been disappointed. Price is good deal, staff is extremely professional and friendly and booking interface is super intuitive. Absolutely recommended."

Antonio Pellagretti

"I was recommended this by and friend and I can say it has an incredible service! friendly and professional cleaning staff who were very thorough. I've never seen my apartment so clean and smelling fresh! It's looks like it's been restored to when I first bought the place! Booked for weekly cleans going forward for sure."

Kelly Carlin



Chiswick is well-known for being family-friendly and having a rich, cultural history. People who lived in Chiswick include poets Alexander Pope and W.B. Yeats and novelist E.M. Forster. With these larger than life names, Chiswick is a place to fully immerse yourself in and enjoy the local bookshops and parks. There are fantastic activities that you can undertake in Chiswick such as yoga, and also japanese restaurants for your finer tastes. Our cleaners at Glimmr will allow you to enjoy the diverse range of experiences that you can do in Chiswick.

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