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Why Choose Glimmr Cleaning?

With so many cleaning companies in Kilburn, it might seem like a difficult decision to make. But with us, can be confident that everytime we send a cleaner they will be reliable and professional in everything they do. You can schedule everything with us via our app and online portal and see from our checklists that you know exactly what you are getting in our cleaning. We also understand that every home in Kilburn is different so overtime as our cleaners get to know your home will tailor it so you can get the most out of your cleaning.

Areas we cover in Kilburn

Every cleaner in Kilburn is highly experienced in the area, you could probably ask them for directions! However, we’re your cleaners in Kilburn so let’s fully immerse our roles as cleaners and customers. This is to demonstrate that we know your Kilburn really well, and so we also include these different locations: Brondesbury, Brondesbury Park, Kensal Green, Kilburn, South Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and West Hampstead.


Glimmr uses an easy user-friendly process for our clients in Kilburn. We ensure each stage is handled with precision and professionalism for your comfort and satisfaction.


We have created a new booking system to make booking our cleaning services super simple. All you need to do is to put in only the most essential information needed and within 60 seconds you will have booked Kilburn’s best cleaning team to come to your home.


Our dream is to provide 5* Hotel level cleaning but for your home. As a result, we need the very best cleaners. With our cleaning services in Kilburn, you will get experienced and 5* Hotel level trained cleaners to come to yours with all the cleaning supplies need to make your home spotless.


If you’re the type of person who is always striving to live a healthy lifestyle, then having a healthy home should be part of this. You wouldn’t neglect your own personal hygiene and so it is essential to clean your house regularly. Cleaning is a essential and with our Glimmr cleaning services you can have a hygienic and happy home.



One thing that our customers have noticed about our cleaners is how passionate they are about cleaning. It really shows in the quality of our work and our customers love having that positive energy around their home. Our cleaning team have had years of experience not just for domestic cleaning in Kilburn, but also hotels, restaurants and hospitals.


Our cleaners are trained in a consistent fashion and understand a checklist we provide them to help with their house cleaning. Occasionally, our customers will also give us requests such as using their own cleaning products, brushes or brooms. To ensure that our cleaners know exactly how to tailor their cleaning, communication plays a big part of this. Each Glimmr cleaning is fluent in English making it easy to understand any cleaning related requests you may have.


Clean, Calm, Courageous. Our cleaners will go to the areas of your home that you are scared to get to - this includes the corners, and other neglected areas of the home which are prone to lots of dirt and grime build up. Everyone in our cleaning team always stays calm and just makes sure that they get the cleaning done efficiently and well.


Our booking program gives you the flexibility to choose the time and frequency of your cleaning plan. You can choose the type of cleaning you want (regular, deep or end of tenancy cleaning in Kilburn) depending on your situation. If you want to book a regular cleaning, you can always change the date if you are going on holiday or book in a deep clean if one is overdue. Our cleaners will get the memo and do a great job for you!


Did you know that dust is 70-80% made up of dead skin cells. Crazy right? You can’t blame your dog or cat anymore for all the dust build up around your house. It is probably you. You’ll be surprised at how much dust builds up so it is important to make sure you get rid of it on a regular basis. All our cleans including dusting so you no longer have to worry about dead skin cells piling up!


Domestic cleaning in Kilburn is our expertise. A lot of this stems from the fact that we have been in the area for many years so have seen every type of home cleaning environment there might be. You can be confident that we’ll know what to do when we come to your home. We offer three types of cleaning service: Regular, Deep and End of Tenancy cleaning in Kilburn.

cleaning shepard's bush


Our standard cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting and tidying up. By booking regular cleanings with us, you’ll find that rates are much lower if you book weekly, biweekly or monthly. Hiring a professional can help prevent stress, help with allergies which make for a happy, healthy home. The thing with homes, is that you can’t just clean it once and be done with it - you need to keep cleaning your home constantly. With us, it isn't an attainable luxury, by budgeting our regular cleaning service in this investment will be worth all that extra freedom and time you have to spend with your family, friends and hobbies you want to pursue.



If you have just bought or rented a property, you might find that there are still some remnants of the previous tenants. Our deep cleaning services can help you have a fresh start and make the home yours again. Deep cleaning tackles everything in the home, from cobwebbed corners down to the dirty tile grout in the bathroom. We’ll normally send in a team of cleaners to go in depth into all the areas of the home. Normally we will take longer in the bathroom and kitchens are they typically require additional disinfecting to get the deep clean down.



Our end of tenancy cleaning in Kilburn will leave your home so fresh there will be no trace of the previous tenant any more. With move out cleans costing an average between £200-£500, paying for a deep cleaning can really save you lots of time, stress and money if you are in the process of moving out. By hiring us, there is a very good chance that you will recoup your entire deposit. We are this confident as we have worked with pretty much every landlord in Kilburn so know their requirements.


"I was out of town and friends needed to use my apartment the next day. Not only were you guys able to clean my apartment in a rush, you also sent me digital pictures of my apartment showing what a great job you did. Blown away by the customer service."

Daniel & Grace Hiscox

"I have been really pleased with Glimmr. Their online booking system is user friendly and they are incredibly responsive and flexible. I use them for our recurring monthly cleaning appts and am continually impressed - they do a really great job! Great value for the cost."

Elena Danastov

"Very trustworthy service. I've used Glimmr multiple times now and never been disappointed. Price is good deal, staff is extremely professional and friendly and booking interface is super intuitive. Absolutely recommended."

Antonio Pellagretti

"I was recommended this by and friend and I can say it has an incredible service! friendly and professional cleaning staff who were very thorough. I've never seen my apartment so clean and smelling fresh! It's looks like it's been restored to when I first bought the place! Booked for weekly cleans going forward for sure."

Kelly Carlin



Kilburn is a district in the north-west of London within the London Borough of Brent. It sits between Maida Vale, West Hampstead and Cricklewood. The areas proximity to central London means that it has fantastic transport links on all levels, tube, trains and buses. Much of the area is centered around Kilburn High Street which runs through the middle and his home to a plethora of ethnic shops and groups. You’ll find that Kilburn historically has been a very Irish area, which will be reflected in the vast number of Irish Pubs in the area, however more recently it has become a lot more diverse, with large groups coming from Eastern European countries as well as a deep Muslim and black community found more commonly in South Kilburn. You’ll find the many greenery in Kilburn being ‘Grange Park’. Here you’ll find tennis courses, netball courts and also good places to relax. During July, the annual Kilburn Festival is held here where you’ll hear a lot of world music acts including reggae, jazz and Irish tunes.

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