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Why Choose Glimmr Cleaning?

You might think that hiring a cleaning company is a difficult decision. Generally it is as there are so many in Muswell Hill. How do you differentiate? For us, we are the only cleaning company in Muswell Hill that focuses on making sure we deliver 5* Hotel cleaning quality but for your home. Those are the standards we are aiming for. This is why we provide a 200% Guarantee as if we do not hit those standards, then will come back to re-clean your home. If you are not happy with your cleaning again, we will fully refund you! Choosing Glimmr cleaning may sound like a difficult decision to make, because we have many competitors. However, when you do your market research, you won’t find a single cleaning company that can truly compete with us with our premium services, because whilst their prices may look similar or attractive, we’ll do the thorough clean that is actually worth your buck. Cleaning in Muswell Hill is our specialty, so try us out on a one-off clean and you’ll be so tempted to put cleaning reviews on cleaning websites and Google on your positive experience with Glimmr cleaning.

Areas we cover in Muswell Hill

Every Glimmr cleaner in Muswell Hill is extremely experienced and professional. Most live locally so even if you had questions about the area we’re confident that they would be able to answer them too! We cover all parts of Muswell Hill.



Have you ever stayed in a top 5* hotel? How clean did it feel? Imagine that for your home in Muswell Hill- that’s what Glimmr brings to you. We bring cleaners who have trained with the same methods that are taught at 5* Hotels to give you the most exception cleans you’ll ever experience.


Finding great professional cleaners is quite a difficult task. Historically, people had to ask their friends and family for recommendations of good cleaners. With Glimmr, that’s a thing of the past. We have not only found the best cleaners in Muswell Hill but also those that are trained to exceptional standards.


We have created a booking process that is the easiest thing you can do. In 60 seconds, you can have a Muswell Hill’s best cleaners regularly cleaning your home. Our online portal makes it easy to manage your schedule and leave any comments you want for our cleaners.



I’m sure you’ve had that nagging feeling of having to clean your home. But you’ve had a long week of work and have other commitments you have to do. It’s starting to cause you stress and affect your quality of life. This is when you definitely need to book in Glimmr to help you out with your cleaning at home. Let us take the cleaning off your hands so you can relax and start enjoying your life.


Communication is important in any relationship, be it with family, friends or work colleagues. We understand that our with our cleaners you’re building a relationship with Glimmr and so communication is equally as important. That’s why we make sure all our cleaners are not only english speakers but are also very positive and friendly.


Friendly, Fast, Fantastic! This is the Glimmr mantra that we have created over time. It is simple but helps us stick to the core of what has helped to make our cleaning company the best in Muswell Hill. We make sure that we provide great training for all of our cleaning staff and make sure that are always friendly in front of our customers!


Cleaning is something that needs to be done regularly. Once you have started on a cleaning plan with Glimmr, it will be something that you factor into your monthly budget. Not only will it take a huge weight off your shoulders, both in terms of your stress levels and improving your overall health. You can trust our Muswell Hill cleaner to perform great cleanings for you.


Ten square feet of carpet can contain as much as 35 ounces of dirt. That’s nearly four and a half cups of dirt! Crazy right? Now imagine how much is in the rest of the house. This is why it is imperative to have a regular home cleaning. It keeps your house feeling fresh and tidy, but it is also better for your health. Lots of people develop allergies as a result of too much dust and dirt at home.


Domestic cleaning in Muswell Hill is what we specialise in. It’s what we have done for years and will continue doing for the foreseeable future. We know what are customers want which is why we’ve created three services that we feel cover every type of cleaning scenario: regular, deep and end of tenancy cleaning in Muswell Hill.

cleaning shepard's bush


Regular cleaning in Muswell Hill is our most popular service and we have hundreds of customers in Muswell Hill who use our cleaning services on a weekly or biweekly basis. Our customers know that we will always give their homes a thorough cleaning that will leave their homes feeling refreshed on a constant basis. They also love how the entire is stress-free so they can relax and enjoy their lives.



Our intensive deep cleaning is generally done by a team of cleaners who can disperse and go in depth to tackle all problem areas in your home. The time it takes to deep clean a house will generally depend on the size, but we have created a flat rate pricing depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms the home has. With our deep cleaning you can expect a next-level shine. To get the most out of your deep cleaning we ask that you put away toys and wash dishes so it can free our professional cleaners to focus on waxing floors dusting window blinds and doing basic cleaning in the fridge and oven.



Our end of tenancy cleaning in Muswell Hill is the deepest level of cleaning. It is the cleaning service that is designed to completely restore your home back to its original condition. We definitely recommend that you high a professional cleaning company to handle your end of tenancy cleaning in Muswell Hill as the cleanliness of your home on moving-out is generally the biggest contention to getting your full deposit back. You can be confident that with our services you’ll get your deposit back as we have worked with many landlords and property managers in Muswell Hill, so know what they are looking for.


"I was out of town and friends needed to use my apartment the next day. Not only were you guys able to clean my apartment in a rush, you also sent me digital pictures of my apartment showing what a great job you did. Blown away by the customer service."

Daniel & Grace Hiscox

"I have been really pleased with Glimmr. Their online booking system is user friendly and they are incredibly responsive and flexible. I use them for our recurring monthly cleaning appts and am continually impressed - they do a really great job! Great value for the cost."

Elena Danastov

"Very trustworthy service. I've used Glimmr multiple times now and never been disappointed. Price is good deal, staff is extremely professional and friendly and booking interface is super intuitive. Absolutely recommended."

Antonio Pellagretti

"I was recommended this by and friend and I can say it has an incredible service! friendly and professional cleaning staff who were very thorough. I've never seen my apartment so clean and smelling fresh! It's looks like it's been restored to when I first bought the place! Booked for weekly cleans going forward for sure."

Kelly Carlin



Muswell Hill is considered to be one of the most expensive areas in London. This suburb district is located mostly within the London Borough of Haringey and is bordered by Highgate, Hampstead Garden Village, East Finchley and Crouch End. Muswell Hill is known for its distinct Edwardian feel and is home to fantastic schools, independent cafes and restaurants as well as lots of green space for dog walking. Within a short walk, you’ll be able to pop over to the farmer’s market at Alexandra Palace and even go ice skating if you are feeling it. Muswell Hill is popular with families due to its huge detached houses and slower pace of life. You’ll find that Muswell Hill is one of London’s best kept secrets, much in part due to its lack of train or tube station. This can make it a bit of a blessing or a curse, but you’ll find that there the area is served by buses that travel all of London. Muswell Hill Brass is the areas iconic band, and you’ll often find them holding concerts tooting their trumpets and banging their percussion. Their concerts are regularly sold out!

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