7 Organization Hacks to Help Your Home Stay Clutter-Free!

Glimmr, we’re a group of professional cleaners in Oxford and Greater London, and we’re here to help. Here at Glimmr, we’re dedicated to cleaning, and tidy living is a fundamental part of that. So, it’s all well and good having a spring clean, but what’s the point if everything falls back into disarray immediately? Not to mention that it’s so much harder to do a deep clean with clutter everywhere! We all know that living amongst clutter makes things difficult… and so, we’ve had a good think, and here are our 6 best ‘hacks’ to insure your home stays clutter free:

Remember the ‘Old Faithfuls’

So they’re not super fashionable these days, and they do seem a bit dated, but once you have them there’s no going back. And I sound Victorian as I say it, but, make sure you have the following; a laundry basket, a shoe rack, a coat rack, a wardrobe. These simple design solutions will make your life so much easier. No more shoes to trip over, no more piles of dirty clothes on the floor, and your sofa won’t be laden with damp coats.


Like seriously, do you need that many corkscrews? How about all those hats? And those bags filled with other bags? Having many duplicates is the easiest road to clutter, and a symptom of a bad organisational system. I regularly buy new scissors because I can’t find my old ones, sometimes I even pretend to myself that I need new scissors… Save yourself some money and some space, get rid of your extras. Then, once you’ve got exactly the right amount of stuff, find a proper place for it all…

Plan Your System

Where’s the best place for all your stuff? Devise a system before you start and things will fall into place. It’s going to be easier this way, trust us – put in the effort now and reap the clutter free rewards later! So, the things that aren’t used every day don’t need to be immediately accessible. Easy. Work out what you do need to hand, then account for that regularity by placing them easily within reach. If you stash your daily items somewhere inaccessible, then they’re only going to end up being left out and cluttering up desk space. You don’t want disorder, so make sure everything has it’s home.

Multipurpose Furniture

Sounds kinda’ kitsch, but furniture with storage space is brilliant. Ottomans or sofas with draws mean that your stuff is right where you need it but perfectly disguised as a seat. How about sticking all your magazines and gaming controllers in a space that’s right at hand? Maybe you could buy a couple of plastic tubs and repurpose your existing furniture? Even a wardrobe with a few high up alcoves helps to stow the things you’re not going to use every day. Multipurpose furniture, just do it.

Use Wall Space

Ok, so this doesn’t necessarily mean putting up shelves, though, shelves are the absolute best. Seriously, we’re big on shelves here at Glimmr. But no, there are some really stylish ‘hacks’ that you can find on Pinterest boards. Most of them involve hooks. Use hooks, hook things to them, find yourself with more space. Hang your photographs rather than using standing frames, tack them to the walls if you have to. Get those greetings cards up there as well – if you actually like looking at them. Get things off your desks and tables, and onto the walls!

Clutter Bowls

While this may seem like it’s simply compounding the problem, clutter bowls are super handy. A beautiful bowl by the front door for your keys, a pot by the kitchen sink to put your rings into, one by your bed to empty your pockets into, one on the kitchen table for the strange number of non-culinary related things that weasel their way into the cooking area. Suddenly you will find your desk space, your kitchen, and your life, strangely clutter free. The coins that spread out everywhere, the bus passes, the receipts, they now all live happily in a bowl, not everywhere else. And it makes everything a damn sight easier to find … oh, and don’t be a slouch, when the bowls get filled up, sort through them. Easy.

Hide Those Cables!

Cables here, cables there, there’s strings of cables everywhere – and we don’t like it! On the kitchen table, thrown on the sofa, hanging from the wall socket… They’re essential, but they’re unsightly, and one of the main types of clutter in the modern household. There are a load of different solutions to disguising those cables – check out Pinterest for complicated designs with tubes. We like to keep it simple. Miniature bulldog clips. Clip together all your computer cables, all your television cables, have a cheap phone charger caught up in every clump so you’re not constantly unplugging that specific one. Seriously, bulldog clips…

So, now you’ve downsized, made a plan of action on how to stay clutter free and found creative hacks to help you do so. Go forth and lead a tidy life, you zen master you. Not quite clean enough to declutter yet? Or do you want your space spotless after you’ve decluttered? Need a hand? Check out our cleaners operating near you, or give us a call. Glimmr, we’re here to help.

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