10 + 1 Tips on Post Christmas Cleaning

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10 + 1 Tips on Post Christmas Cleaning

The Holidays mean a lot of things. There are parties, exotic foods, visiting, celebrations, lights, charming décor, and so on. Christmas is one of the most significant times of the year and everyone loves this holiday. Unfortunately, all that fun and joy are not all you get with Christmas. More celebration means more cleaning tasks this season.

Post-Christmas cleaning can be daunting because of course, the mess and dirt are more than usual. For a cleaning company in London like Glimmr, this is the best time to help you save time and energy. Hiring us to take care of your post-Christmas cleaning is a wonderful decision that guarantees no frustration and only Christmas cheer for you this holiday.

You may equally decide to tackle the cleaning yourself, but to avoid being overwhelmed you could benefit from some guidance. Here are 10 + 1 tips on post-Christmas cleaning.

1. Get the right cleaning supplies

professional cleaning services in londonRunning out of cleaning supplies during the holidays is one of the worst things that can happen. Take the time to organize your cleaning materials and buy what you don’t have. Remember that post-Christmas cleaning can be unusually hectic with stubborn stains and dirt. Hence, you need effective cleaning supplies that help you work smart. To make cleaning even easier, buy the necessary supplies in bulk and make a post-Christmas cleaning checklist to stay organized. Here are some of the supplies you would need:

  • Multi-purpose spray
  • Vinegar
  • Stain Remover
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Garbage bags
  • Baking soda
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Bleach
  • Microfibre cloth

2. Declutter as you go

professional cleaning services in londonChristmas may just be the best time of the year to purge your home of several unwanted and expired items. As the best domestic cleaners in London, we always emphasize the need for decluttering in the home. Not only does it make cleaning faster, but it also eliminates the feeling of confusion during house cleaning.

Decluttering as you go is highly convenient this season because the holidays come with gifts. Take out the old items in the home and replace them with the new exciting holiday gifts. Donate the stuff you don’t need and enjoy a more efficient clutter-free home as the New Year begins.

3. Involve the children

professional cleaning services in londonHolidays are a fun time for everyone and children just love the season that brings Santa. Assign age-appropriate roles to make post-Christmas cleaning faster and less demanding. Make it fun and enjoyable for them with incentives or games. You can give them pleasurable tasks like taking down the Christmas tree ornaments, and so on.

4. Tackle stains immediately

professional cleaning services in londonAlways be on the lookout for stains on the floor, carpet, tables, couch, and so on. The chances are, you would have several visitors during Christmas or the kids will be allowed more playtime. Either way, all the unusual activities and traffic is sure to put your home at risk for an onslaught of stains. Keep an eye out for them and tackle them immediately. The longer stains set, the harder they become to remove and you do not need that this holiday.

5. Don’t despise the dishes

professional cleaning services in londonYes, you are sure to have more dishes piling up during Christmas but don’t let that overwhelm you. Try to create short moments during the celebration to wash the dishes. Doing this gives you one less chore when it’s all over.

6. Create small goals

professional cleaning services in londonYou do not have to clean up all the mess in one day. Hiring professional cleaning services in London with Glimmr can offer you the luxury of a sparkling home in a few hours; but of course, we have several hands on deck. Create small post-Christmas goals and achieve them within a set time.

7. Focus on high traffic area

professional cleaning services in londonIt’s no news that some areas in the home suffer more use than others. With the Christmas celebrations, it gets much worse. The best way to handle these areas is to clean them daily. Waiting till after the celebrations will only allow the dirt and grime build up to a frustrating level or facilitate the spread of dirt within the home. Arm yourself with efficient cleaning materials and give those areas a speed clean each day. Examples of high traffic areas include the entrance, bathroom, and kitchen.

8. Set some rules

professional cleaning services in londonSimple rules are important to maintain some form of order during the celebrations. They also help to minimize the mess you would face during post-Christmas cleaning. Start by establishing a dedicated spot for everyone’s shoes, having people use garbage cans to discard items and not leave them lying around, and so on.

9. Don’t forget pet safety

professional cleaning services in londonPets mess up the home as much as visitors and children. Keep them clean during the holidays by bathing and brushing their fur. Keep clean water and a dry towel at the entrance to wash your pet’s paws as they come into the home. A clean pet will leave fewer hairs and no dirty prints behind as they run around the home.

10. Deep clean

professional cleaning services in londonDeep cleaning is the best way to clean the home during the holidays. It is also necessary to tackle the dirt, germs, and grime. Take deep cleaning activities room by room. Start with the kitchen and other high traffic areas in the home. Save the less dirty places for last. Deep cleaning is much quicker and effective with the right cleaning tools and materials. Use baking soda and vinegar to tackle grime and remember to use essential oils for a sweet, homely, holiday smell.

11. Hire a cleaning company in London

Post-Christmas cleaning is no small task. There’s always more to do around the home. Hiring professional cleaning services in London guarantees fewer things to worry about during the holiday. You can spend your time and energy on organizing other activities on your schedule.  Glimmr will provide you with the best cleaning service in London post-Christmas. We ensure that after our visit to your home, you can continue to enjoy a pleasurable holiday with family and friends.

We offer regular services, as well as, a one-off cleaning in London. Contact us for your holiday cleaning needs.


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