10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean with the Kids

10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean with the Kids


Children are a handful for the most part of their childhood. Parents have to adjust themselves to the new normal when they come into the family. Children have a habit of messing up the house, but it is hardly their fault as they have no idea how to clean up after themselves. This is why no matter how hard you try it seems almost impossible to keep up. Both parents find themselves in an endless cycle of picking up a toy in this room, while the kids drop something else in the other room.

For some parents, it is easier to outsource the exhausting task of continually cleaning up the mess kids make. Hence they book professional cleaning services in London with companies like Glimmr.

While hiring the best domestic cleaners in London might be all you need to keep your sanity as parents, not everyone can afford this and would rather tackle it personally.

What is really essential to note is that it’s hardly possible to achieve a 100% clean home with children around. However, there are things you can do to keep a level of order in the house.

Here are 10 ways to keep your house clean with the kids:


1. Enlist their help

As much as children unwittingly litter and clutter the home during their activities, they can also be of much help in clearing it up. It is not necessary that the chores in the house be carried out by just one family member (mum). Everyone including your little ones can pitch in to clean up after themselves most times. Indeed, your three years old might hardly be able to coordinate complex chores, but that’s where a proper delegation of activities comes in. Give each child an age-appropriate task that they can complete.

Teach them to use mild soaps or cleaners as they work and to pick up their toys after playing. You can provide a toy basket or section for all the toys to fit in when the kids are done playing. Remember that children are not such efficient cleaners so most times the chores you give them would need a do-over when you get the chance.

2. Make cleaning the home with family fun

Make cleaning the home with family fun

This is a simple rule, and it is the key to having faithful, happy workers to share in various tasks. Keep family cleaning routines fun and enjoyable for everyone. Promise kids a treat afterward and ensure you continue this routine to achieve a clean house more often. Purchase cleaners with beautiful fragrance or some fun cleaning supplies to keep the children interested as they clean.

3. Clear your counters daily

Countertops are always subjected to accumulated dust and dirt. They can also get cluttered easily and become frustrating to work with. Clearing and cleaning your counters daily is a simple task but a right way to keep your sanity. You need these surfaces to be functional at all times and free from all the mess. Wipe all the counters in the home from the kitchen to the bathrooms. Replace only essential items and make a habit of decluttering always. Use mild homemade cleaners that will not dull or damage the counter’s finish from frequent cleaning.

4. Do not store dirty dishes

Dishwashing can seem endless with children in the house but its better off done and dusted daily. Dishes are particularly annoying once piled up, so make an effort to get them done daily. Also unload your dishwasher after and give the kitchen a brief clean.

5. Purge your home regularly

As a professional cleaning company in London, Glimmr will always encourage you to purge your homes and let the brightness in. Unused items form the bulk of clutter in our homes most of the time. In a house with kids, some of these items are old toys and clothes never to be touched again. Holding on to them only creates clutter and minimizes space. Take a day to purge your home of these toys and other items. Donate them to those who will find a better use for them or discard them as you wish.

6. Get something done each day

When you have kids the clean-up never ends. It is important to learn how to accept and manage this fact as parents or guardians. Rather than get buried in all the work, take a more comfortable and efficient approach. Choose something to get cleaned each day. Tackle the bathroom today and the children room tomorrow or do the laundry today and wiping woodworks tomorrow. Set a goal for each day but it is still fine if you don’t get to achieve that much. Caring for children is a full-time job so steady is the way to go.

7. Update your cleaning supplies

Mops against red background

A clean home is as good as its cleaning supplies. Glimmr offers the best cleaning service in London because we are well equipped with appropriate cleaning supplies. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal and keep them close by. Have a separate set for use in different areas of the house. For example, you can equip each bathroom with cleaning supplies, this way it is easier to whip out a towel and homemade cleaner to do a speed clean or routine cleaning.

8. Have a designated play area

Playing is the most common activity children engage in, and it also leads to disorder quickly. To prevent the home from getting littered and messy, create a designated play area for your children indoors. Enforce a rule that toys outside this area may be taken away and teach the children to respect these boundaries. The end result is less clutter, and the home becomes more accessible to clean.

9. Create and maintain a cleaning routine

Create and maintain a cleaning routine
Routines are invaluable to effective cleaning. A routine helps you get more work done without getting overwhelmed or too conscious of all the chores you have to cover. Create a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle. Choose appropriate hours or minutes where you can work without any distractions and get things done. Most time a proper schedule is the key to effective home cleaning.

10. Create and learn cleaning habits

Cleaning habits do much more than you can imagine in keeping your home organized and clean most of the time. These habits include:

• Buying products, appliances or materials that are easy to clean and store
• Picking up items that are misplaced
• Using the right tool for the right chore
• Regular laundry
• Keeping dirty shoes outside or in a designated place

Developing cleaning habits mostly depend on your family’s lifestyle. As soon as you decide what patterns to change or habits to improve, things will go a lot smoother.

Glimmr is always ready to assist you when cleaning gets tough. Book a one-off cleaning in London and get ahead of those chores

A professional cleaning company will provide you with the best cleaning service in London to keep all hard surface floors beautiful and clean. Book a one-off cleaning in London and get ahead of those chores.

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