Quick Tips to Declutter and Organise Your Fridge

house cleaning - fridge

Quick Tips to Declutter and Organise Your Fridge

house cleaning - fridge

Clutter is almost inevitable in the home, and it all starts by ignoring a few items that are misplaced. Every room has its own form of disarray, but one of the most inconvenient clutter spots is the kitchen or more specifically the fridge.

The fridge is one of the most frequently used appliances in the house. Everyone including visitors has access to the refrigerator. Often times, a lot of unnecessary items pile up within and on the outside of the fridge. You have expired items, or empty boxes tucked away on top of the refrigerator, there’s the precious pictures or artworks of our little ones initially pasted on the fridge, notes, lists, and finally some expired food items using up space in the fridge.

With all this, it can get hard to track and organise your fridge. Moreso, efficiency in the kitchen is also reduced if you have to comb through the clutter each time you need something. This is why it is so important to have decluttering your fridge as an essential part of your house cleaning routine.

The benefits of keeping your fridge organised do not just include the increased efficiency in the kitchen. It also creates an aesthetically pleasing, calming and relaxing perception of your kitchen.

We know that decluttering the fridge can seem quite overwhelming at times, but as one of the best domestic cleaners in London, we can guide you through practical steps to achieve that look you only see in magazines.

Of course, if you’d prefer, you can always book a one-off cleaning in London to transform your home into a bright, decluttered space.

Now you might be wondering if this means getting rid of all of your precious items on the fridge. No, decluttering doesn’t mean having to throw away things that are of value to you, it only means organising them or decorating thoughtfully to maintain order.

7 Steps to Declutter Your Fridge

Smiling doll next to blue fridge

We understand that house cleaning can consume a lot of time and energy, which is why we designed this process to be fast and effective

Ideally, reorganising your fridge should not take more than a few minutes, but this can vary depending on just how much clutter you have to deal with.

STEP #1 Take Out Everything

Crowded fridge

The first step is to remove everything. Remove all items from the top of the fridge, the sides and front, then finally everything within the refrigerator. Separate items that will possibly be returned to the fridge and discard unnecessary or expired food items.

This first step presents you with a clear, open surface to work with.

STEP #2 Clean the Fridge

Clean fridge interior

After emptying the fridge of all food items and clutter, use a suitable cleaning solution and microfibre cloth to clean the fridge thoroughly. Wipe down the door and all surfaces of the refrigerator. If you notice any grime or stubborn stains tackle them immediately.

Cleaning the fridge is necessary to mark your fresh start but more importantly get rid of accumulated dirt.

STEP #3 Start by Maximising Shelf Space

Supermarket fridge

Re-organizing can take different forms, but the first rule is to maximise the use of space. Avoid the clutter and keep what is necessary to be saved.

Place foods in square, stackable containers or round ones. The shapes of the containers help to restore order and maximise space.

Preserve leftovers by storing them in smaller bags or plastic containers before placing in the fridge.
Keep unopened cans of food and beverages in cabinets or the pantry. Stashing them in the fridge takes up space for more delicate items. You can always cool the canned items when you need them.

STEP #4 Use the Freezer

Ice cream in freezer

Some food items last longer when frozen. Stash these items neatly in containers or bags and in an orderly manner before placing them in the freezer. It creates more space in the fridge ands reduces clutter. You can always defrost any of these items when needed in the refrigerator.

STEP #5 Take Advantage

Angry face drawn on fridge

Most homeowners do not use their fridge at its full capacity. This is because we have a unique perspective on the fridge’s functions. Yes, the purpose of the refrigerator is to cool and preserve items, but there are also a few compartments with specific uses.

A typical example is the egg holder. The egg holder comes in handy when it is inconvenient to use an egg carton. Storing eggs in the egg holder instead of an egg carton in your fridge can save you lots of valuable space.

Use the fridge compartments efficiently to maintain order in the fridge.

STEP #6 Get Creative

Flowers around canvas

Now that you have decluttered the fridge, you still have to select an organising method for the front and sides of the refrigerator. An efficient solution for writing notes is using a magnetic whiteboard for your fridge. You should be able to find plenty of these on Amazon.

Some whiteboards also come with a pen or marker for convenient use. This way, you can write down notes in a more organised way and say goodbye to the endless clutter of paper.

Find other creative but organised ways to place necessary materials on the fridge. Remember to encourage your family to participate and keep the fridge free of clutter.

STEP #7 Add It to Your House Cleaning Routine

Woman writing in journal

All your hard work will yield little or no result if it is not supported by a routine. Make cleaning the fridge a habit or part of your regular house cleaning routine. The refrigerator can get cluttered easily and in little time despite regular efforts. Therefore to maintain order, you must be consistent.

Always check for expired or spoilt food items and discard them. To avoid letting food go to waste, place leftovers or perishable foods in an easy to spot location. Try to always use these well before their expiry dates.

Avoid placing items on the top of the fridge as you might quickly forget them. After a few regular decluttering processes it gets easier to track and maintain the effects of your efforts.

We hope that this has been helpful in your journey to a more decluttered home!

If you’d rather leave this to the pros, feel free to book your next house cleaning appointment with glimmr. Our professional cleaners can offer a high quality clean while you just put your feet up and relax.

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