Wonderful Uses of Nail Polish Remover when Cleaning

Nail polish remover, or more formally known as acetone, is considered to be a solvent since it can be used for general cleaning or heavy degreasing jobs. Solvents are compounds capable of dissolving grease, paint, or additional organic substances from the surface of an item. Acetone has these specific benefits:
– Effective
– Low Toxicity
– Safer to Use
– Inexpensive
– Less Regulated
– Easy to Obtain
– Water Soluble
Glimmr,  the best domestic cleaners in London, will show you that these benefits make it an ideal choice at times when a mild solvent is necessary to remove grease, oil, dirt, and glue. We will now show you where you could use this in your everyday cleaning other than the nail varnish on your fingers nails.

Cleaning Surfaces

Cleaning surfaces using nail polish remover

Nail polish remover can be used effectively cleaning a range of surfaces. Let’s start with floors: Pour onto a paper towel, and wipe away unsightly shoe marks on tile, laminate, and concrete floors (however avoid using on wood).
Secondly, you can use it to removing sticky residue on most surfaces. For example you might have moved into a property where they have pulled off stickers marks all over the bedroom doors. Nail polish remover will get this marks off in seconds. If it’s on wood always follow the wood grain.

Rejuvenate stained china

Rejuvenate stained china using nail polish remover

We want to keep our house china for as long as possible and in the best condition – nail polish remover can help. Soak an old cloth, then dab coffee- or tea-stained areas on the china you aim to get rid of; then rinse with soap and water. Avoid decorative patterns, which could be ruined.

Shine shoes

Shine shoes using nail polish remover

As a professional cleaning company we won’t shine your shoes but we know how to get that shoe shine back on your patent shoes. Wipe down patent shoes with a kitchen towel dipped in nail polish remover, gently buff to remove any scuff marks and wipe any residue away with a clean cloth. You’ll end up with a shiny reflection.

Erase superglue

Erase superglue using nail polish remover

PVA glue on your hands is great fun peeling off when you’re a kid. Removing Superglue from your hands when you’re an adult on the other hand is a nightmare. If you’ve got superglue on your hands or the cap has been clogged up with dried glue, just rub some nail polish remover around the affected area and the acetone will break it down.

Revive a watch

Revive watch using nail polish remove

You can use nail polish remover to get rid of cuts, scratches of dings on your plastic watch cover. Just dip a little into the solvent using a cotton swab and gently brush over. Nail polish remover can dissolve plastic and therefore it will level and smooth the surface. But don’t scrub too hard, or you could wind up making a hole in the plastic.

Remove permanent marker stains

Remove permanent marker using nail polish remover

To remove the toughest of permanent ink stains on hands or walls, drench a cotton ball and then blot the stain away. It works amazingly and in a matter of seconds with a tiny amount of nail varnish remover the marks will disappear.

Disinfectant for grooming

Using nail polish remover for grooming

Nail polish remover is a great sanitize and you can use it clean personal items such as tweezers and razors in the bathroom. Simple leave to soak for about 5 minutes and then rinse.
Also Hair straighteners and hair tongs can get covered in sticky hair styling products and soapy water just won’t cut it. Nail polish remover used gently will remove the stickiness and get them looking as good as new. Wipe over with a soapy solution before using again.

Eliminate bathtub ring

Eliminate bathtub ring using nail polish remover

Your bath tubs could easily accumulate stains and dirt marks that seem to become ever more permanent the longer you leave it. To rid a tub of soap and scum stains, dilute the polish remover with a little bit of water, and use a stiff brush to quickly scrub away residue.

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