10 + 1 Tips for Keeping Your Pet-Friendly House Clean

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10 + 1 Tips for Keeping Your Pet-Friendly House Clean

House cleaning in London can leave you confused and overwhelmed sometimes, but having a pet just raises the bar. Pets make you happy and loved. They are great companions and most are sweetly obedient. This is the good part about having one or more furry friends. However, the downside is your home cleaning gets a lot tougher. Most pet owners have experienced reeking couches, rugs, and stains that simply won’t come out. The worst part of it all is the increase in germs and harmful bacteria in the home.

As the best domestic cleaners in London, we understand your struggle completely. Our house cleaning service ensures that your home can smell fresh and clean regardless of the number of pets you have.

However, if you are a homeowner who likes to tackle such problems themselves, there are ways to keep your home clean while housing a pet.

Here are 10 + 1 effective tips for keeping your pet-friendly house clean.

1. Clean the pet

best domestic cleaners in londonThe steps to having a clean home begin with having a clean pet. Wash your pet as regularly as once or twice a week. If he gets dirty after playing or a walk, you can use clean water to give him a thorough clean. The materials you would use to clean your pet depends on the type of pet and breed. This can also determine how frequently you give them a bath with shampoo or soap. Cleaning your pet greatly reduces the spread of dirt and germs as the pet goes around the home.

2. Groom your pet

best domestic cleaners in londonIf your pet is furry, then grooming regularly is necessary. Trim the nails and hairs of your pet to prevent scratching marks in the home, and to reduce the collection of pet hair. The reduction of pet hair shedding makes the home cleaner and less smelly. Pets shed hair as they go around the home, especially on sofas and mattresses.

3. Invest in the right cleaning supplies

best domestic cleaners in londonYou must upgrade your cleaning arsenal to tools and materials that make a difference in your pet-friendly home. Purchase a vacuum cleaner with high suction power to combat pet hairs and dirt in the home. Other tools include carpet cleaners, electrostatic mop and so on. Use cleaners with a mild fragrance to give the home that fresh smell and ensure it does not irritate your pet.

4.Tackle stains as they occur

best domestic cleaners in londonA vital tip in keeping your pet-friendly home clean is to tackle stains immediately they occur. Do not allow them to sit on your floors or fabric for too long. Dry them up immediately or sweep them depending on the type of stains. Use a good, scented cleaner to wipe the stain. Ensure the spot looks as good as new.

Always keep your cleaning supplies close by to make you more efficient at handling accidents or stains.

5. Keep paws clean

best domestic cleaners in londonAfter taking your pet for a walk or a little playtime outside, their paws may carry dirt and germs. Keep a bowl of clean water and dry, clean cloth by the entrance. Clean their paws and dry them before they enter the home.

6. Upgrade your sofa fabric

best domestic cleaners in londonNot every pet owner can bear to shove their pets off the sofa each time. If your pets sometimes sit on the sofa then you can expect pet hairs, smells, and stains from time to time. Go for a leather sofa or something of similarly impervious material. These pet-friendly fabrics are much easier to clean and freshen than other absorbent fabrics.

7. Have a comfy bed with removable fabric for your pet.

best domestic cleaners in londonYour pet should have a designated, comfy bed. When you make such purchase ensure that the material is removable to aid cleaning. If that is not an option, then choose something made with a cleanable material like leather.

8. Let some air in

This is important for your health too. Open the windows regularly, even on cold days to let some fresh air in. This routine will drive out the stale, pet smells and replace them with clean air in the home.

9. Keep all pet things clean

best domestic cleaners in londonMost things that come in contact with your pet are at risk of becoming a home to germs and bacteria. Wash your pet things regularly to kill germs and remove dirt. These things could include toys, dishes, bed, clothing, and so on. Use soaps with a good fragrance and add a disinfecting agent. Place the items out in the sun to dry. This helps to eliminate bad smells and any remaining germs.

10. Have a pet cleaning station

best domestic cleaners in londonAfter washing your pet or giving a thorough rinse, ensure that your pet stays within that cleaning area. Allowing your pet to run around the home wet, can increase dirt and defeat the aim of the wash in the first place.

You can keep pets occupied with toys or other engaging activities until thoroughly dry. Having a designated pet cleaning area and a routine can also teach your pet something about staying clean.

11. Clean your carpets

best domestic cleaners in londonThis means hand them over to a professional for a rigorous, deep clean. Yes, your carpets may seem clean from all your hard work of sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming but it is always advisable to get them washed once in a while by professionals.

Finally, to complete your efforts, remember to keep up with your regular home cleaning routine. Keep all your cleaning materials clean and dry, and in accessible parts of the home. Also, teach your pets discipline to avoid constant accidents in the home.

If all the cleaning and dusting become too overwhelming to bear, you can always book our one-off cleaning in London to help you relieve stress and pressure. Glimmr provides professional cleaning services in London that can help you maintain a clean, pet-friendly home. We guarantee that you remain happy with your pet and can maintain a healthy home too.


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