10 Things You Keep Forgetting to Clean

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10 Things You Keep Forgetting to Clean

Each day there’s always something dirty that needs cleaning. We follow our daily routines, weekly routines, the big day full house cleaning, and so on to ensure the home stays clean and fresh. These plans make home cleaning in London easier and faster. However, no matter how thorough these routines help your cleaning to be there are still some spots or items that you are likely missing.

Yes, it happens all the time, but it is something you can fix quickly. It’s easy to forget these spots or things because they are mostly hidden. Those times when you bask in the satisfaction of your completely clean home, these things are right there, but they are overshadowed by other sparkling clean spots.

If the thought of some forgotten dirty areas bothers you, you can hire professional cleaning services in London. This is a wonderful option because the best domestic cleaners in London ensure that your home is entirely clean. At Glimmr, we leave no spot untouched and no item unclean. We are thorough and swift to deliver on a clean, fresh, and bright home for you.

If you would prefer to tackle this situation, here are the 10 things you keep forgetting to clean and how to get them done in no time.

1. The Coffee Maker

best domestic cleaners in londonYes, this can slip the mind quite easily. Your favourite morning helper is a bed of germs after several uses without a good clean. To clean this appliance you will need six cups of water and three cups of white vinegar mixed together. Pour a suitable amount of the mixture into your coffee maker and run the appliance. After a complete cycle, allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes in the coffee maker. Afterwards, discard of the mixture and run two extra cycles with fresh cups of water to eliminate the smell or taste of vinegar from the equipment.

Remember to use a cloth dampened with the leftover solution of water and vinegar to wipe the exterior of the appliance. Clean all the crevices, nooks and crannies to ensure that your appliance is as clean as new.

2. The Ceiling Fan

best cleaning service in londonIt is extremely easy to forget those blades gliding above our heads. Ceiling fans accommodate a lot of dust and dirt because of their position. Regardless of this, the dust is unwelcome because it reduces a ceiling fan’s efficiency. Thankfully, cleaning the ceiling fan is almost stress-free and as simple as climbing up a ladder. First, switch off the ceiling fan and wait until it stops its cycle. Place a ladder or suitable item directly under the fan so you can reach it when you climb. You will need these items;

  • A microfibre cloth
  • An all-purpose cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Canned air

Use the screwdriver to remove the motor cover and blast the motor and blades with a bottle of canned air. You can replace the motor cover after that. Give the blades a wipe down with the microfibre cloth and all-purpose cleaner.  Ensure that the cleaner does not touch the ceiling fan’s motor.

3. Shelves

one off cleaning in londonWe quickly ignore shelves as though they were impervious to dust. Sometimes this is because we do not use such shelves frequently. Shelves accumulate dirt, dust and germs too and can promote spread of disease in the home. Take a microfibre cloth and an all-purpose cleaner use them to give your home shelves a thorough dusting and wiping. Clean any objects they carry too.

4. Doorknobs

cleaning companies in londonDoorknobs are one of the most touched items in your home. They carry germs and dust. Wipe all doorknobs in the home with a mixture of vinegar and water or any disinfecting solution using a soft cloth.

5. TV Remotes and Game Controllers

professional cleaning services in londonEveryone touches these items in the home, even strangers. Make it a part of your routine to wipe down the TV remote and game controllers weekly. Use a disinfecting wipe or slightly damp microfiber cloth. Remember to remove the batteries each time before cleaning.

6. The Toothbrush Holder

best domestic cleaners in londonGrime, mildew and germs collect within the toothbrush holder every day. Wash your toothbrush holder weekly like a regular cup or kitchen utensil. Teach everyone in the home to give it a good rinse when they have the opportunity.

7. The Top of All Things

best cleaning service in londonYes, this is very relevant. They are those high areas that are out of sight in the home. You can’t see them directly, so you can ignore all the dust and germs collecting there. You will need a stool, soft cloth, all-purpose cleaner or plain water. Tackle all the high top spaces in your home starting with the fridge.

8. Bathroom Mats

professional cleaning services in londonBathroom mats are used to absorb a great deal of moisture daily. They are a prime environment for grime, mildew and bacteria. This is dirty and also unhealthy. If you use a rubber mat or a type of fabric it can be scrubbed and washed clean in the bathtub. It can also be vacuumed.  A wooden mat can be wiped clean quite easily too.

9. Laundry Baskets and Hampers

one off cleaning in londonLaundry baskets and hampers are where we keep dirty clothes. These clothes contain germs and body soils that constantly rub off on the hampers where you keep them. These vessels can carry these germs and store them. They need to be washed periodically to remove dirt and germs.

10. Trash Cans

professional cleaning services in londonTrash cans are another overused item in the home. They are directly faced with holding dirty items and can accommodate a large amount of grime, mildew, bacteria and so on.

We use trash cans without thinking about the dirt that lives on them. Trash cans should be washed daily to prevent bad odours in the home and the spread of diseases. Wash the trash cans in the home outside or in a place where there is access to running water like a hose. Use a brush and disinfecting soap or dishwashing soap and vinegar solution to scrub every inch of the trash can. Rinse them and let them dry out preferably under the sun.

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