How to Make Your Home More Spacious

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How to Make Your Home More Spacious

Everyone loves a spacious home! Even those that move into smaller homes, later end up seeking some space and brightness in their living space. Although it is true that learning to maximize space in the home can be a demanding task, it is well worth it for the benefits involved.

Here are some benefits of a spacious home:

A spacious home is a brighter home

No one can undermine the importance of brightness in the home. Brightness comes from natural light or the proper circulation of lighting in the home. If your home lacks this brightness, it will look and feel cramped.

A spacious home is easier to clean

Have you ever stood in a cramped or cluttered room just wondering where and how to begin your cleaning routine? A spacious home eliminates this feeling of confusion. It motivates you to clean and makes your routine much easier.

A spacious home promotes family bonding

Larger spaces encourage bonding with family members and make it more convenient to watch the kids. They can play or do homework while you engage in other activities but in the same room.

A spacious home is healthy

Space in your home improves the air quality and reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust. It also decreases the spread of infectious diseases in the home.

A spacious home is attractive

Clutter is naturally unappealing. When your home looks small and cramped it reduces its attractiveness.

Having a spacious home does not necessarily mean moving into a mansion. You can work to maximize the space you have in your current home into a spacious, bright environment. With the right tricks, even the smallest rooms can look spacious and attractive.

Here are 9 ways to make your home more spacious

1. Declutter

best domestic cleaners in londonThe chances are your home looks small because of clutter. You have the right items or furniture in all the wrong places and everything else seems disorganized. Opening up your home to obtain more space requires a decluttering exercise before anything else. At Glimmr, while we offer the best cleaning service in London, we emphasize the importance of decluttering your home regularly. You can include the process in your routine and make it a priority to purge and organize the home from time to time. To make your home more spacious, decluttering can include:

    • Clearing all countertops in the home
    • Removing oversized furniture
    • Organizing all sections of the home
    • Having a clutter basket handy
    • Purging your home of unwanted items frequently

2. Use Lightweight Curtains

best cleaning service in londonWe all need curtains in our homes but to obtain a spacious home you must avoid thick, dramatic curtains. Light fabrics with beautiful, neutral colours will make your home bigger. Heavy curtains absorb light and reduce the brightness of the home. They also limit the flow of air in the home. A lightweight curtain lets more light in and improves the circulation of air.

3. Use a Mirror

professional cleaning services in londonMirrors are invaluable in making a home seem larger. Mirrors give the illusion of depth and bounce the light waves around through reflection, to improve brightness. You can use a single large mirror in a room or group smaller mirrors together.

4. Clean the Windows

best domestic cleaners in londonWindows let light and air into the home. A window covered in dirt will make the home dark, and it is distracting. Find the motivation to clean your windows with a soft cloth and a suitable cleaning solution. You can use a mixture of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.

If you have several windows that have not been cleaned in a long time, you can save time and energy by hiring the best domestic cleaners in London.

5. Optimize your Furniture

cleaning companies in londonFurniture in the home takes up a lot of space and light. Since you can’t just exclude furniture from the home to create space, you can make some informed choices to maintain a large home. Choose furniture that has legs to enable you to look through them. Choose multi-purpose furniture that serves important needs in your living space. Place the furniture away from the walls and in the centre of the room.

6. Improve your Home’s Traffic Flow

professional cleaning services in londonA basic test for cramped homes is how easy it is to move within a room and from that room to the next. Take a moment to walk through your home and observe the traffic flow. If you bump into things or find that you need to walk around a room to get to the next, then your home’s traffic flow needs some adjustment. To make the home more spacious, remove those items that serve as obstacles in the home. Place them in more suitable locations. Ensure that the rooms flow smoothly into one another, as this shows that space has been utilized adequately.

7. Use Light Colours

best domestic cleaners in londonA room painted with dark colours always feels small and constricted. The light doesn’t reflect as it should and dark colours are warmer. White is a great colour for spacious homes. It reflects light adequately and promotes circulation of air. Light colours on the walls prove that a bright room seems much bigger than a dark room. Examples of other neutral and bright colours include grey, lilac and sometimes shades of brown.

8. Clean the Home

best cleaning service in londonCleaning the home is important to make the home more spacious and livable. A clean home is a bright home with clean air. Sometimes cleaning the home can be overwhelming especially after decluttering or re-organizing. If you are too busy or would rather avoid the stress, you can book a one-off cleaning in London. At Glimmr, we offer you a thorough cleaning service that transforms your home into a larger-looking, welcoming environment.

9. Use Rugs to Separate Rooms

one off cleaning in londonTo make your home more spacious you can also create boundaries with rugs. Rugs are more effective than erecting walls or larger objects across a room. Rugs add style and beauty to your home while separating rooms into sections. The effect makes the room look larger and organized. You can separate a play section for the kids, and create a dining section or a workstation.

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