Bathroom Tips: Cleaning The Soap And Scum Away

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Today Glimmr, domestic cleaners in Birmingham, will teach you how to tackle the dreaded scum!

1. Identify the problem: What exactly is scum?

Every time you take a bath or a shower, the water and soap splashes everywhere and this is what turns into scum. What is scum exactly? Glimmr,  the cleaning services in Birmingham will explain. It is the combination of dirt, soap build up, bacteria, natural body oils and minerals from the water. Now if you leave it too long and as I am sure you have seen this turns to a calcified concrete substance that even when you scrub hard, seems impossible to remove.

Before I learned these tricks, I was stuck and frustrated. But worry no more! With these bathroom tips, it won’t be long before you realise that
It is a thing of the past. All our cleaners at Glimmr have been taught these tricks and it speeds up the cleaning process in no time at all. All of this is done in an easy and natural way.

2. How is it natural?
We at Glimmr love our natural products and we’ll try to utilize as many as we can – from lemon (our power ingredient), to other citrus or even coffee or vinegar. That’s what we are about. Of course sometimes chemicals are more useful, but when tackling scum, natural solves all.

3. What do you need?
We have 3 natural mixtures so choose the key ingredient of your choice.
– Borax – this is a natural mineral, you can buy for very cheap at any local supermarket (Waitrose, Tesco, etc). It has abrasive properties, is great at deodorizing and stops mould and mildew.
– White Vinegar
– Dishwashing liquid
– Ammonia – This is a natural alkaline ingredient and is fantastic at removing the waxy soap scum

4. Let’s tackle the scum

Using Borax
Step 1: Create the borax paste
1 cup of borax, 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid
Step 2: Spread this mixture over the scum then let it rest for 15 minutes
Step 3: Scrub the scum with a soft bristle – you want do this before it dries out
Step 4: Take hot water, rinse it all very well – then take paper towels to wipe it all down
Voila! Scum is gone.

Using White Vinegar
If you want something a bit more powerful and acidic, try this solution. Use white vinegar as the core ingredient – the scum will really be scared!

Step 1: Create the solution:
4 cups of white vinegar, 4 cups of water, 1tbps of dishwashing liquid
Step 2: Apply the mixture of the scum, let it rest for 15 minutes
Step 3: As before, scrub the scum with a soft bristle
Step 4: Then take the hot water, rinse and dry.

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Using Ammonia
Now this is for the beast of all scum, you’ve left it so long it has now gone waxy. This is some powerful stuff
Step 1: Create the solution
2 Cups of ammonia, 1 cup of water
Step 2: Open all the windows and make sure bathroom ventilation is on – this will smell!
Step 3: Spray this over the scum (you’ll need a bottle that can spray!), then let it rest for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse with hot water, rinse and dry.

5. Final remarks
It doesn’t matter which method you choose really, you’ll find that the glass, bathtub and walls will glimmer! Now as with everything, if you want to maintain that sparkle, you need to be relatively consistent with cleaning if you want to avoid some of the really nasty situations.

Until next time! Stay clean!

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