Common Difficult Stains and How to Remove Them

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Common Difficult Stains and How to Remove Them

Stains can be one of the most horrifying things you see during your domestic cleaning in London. You immediately discover that it’s one thing to notice them while fresh and another thing to see them a few days later when they are perfectly set into the fabric.

Stains can occur anywhere from almost anything. You can have stains on the floor, carpet, clothes, countertops, and so on. These stains could also be from food, red wine, paint, dirt, and pretty much anything that has colour and fluid. Luckily, some stains can be wiped up immediately and hardly leave a trace. Other stains could be more stubborn and set in fast with almost no hope of removal. So, what happens when you encounter these difficult stains in the home?

As the best domestic cleaners in London, we have had quite the experience and developed expertise in tackling several stains. We will be sharing this vital knowledge with you in the article. Stains can be tough, but it is most times possible to remove them from your carpets without causing any damage. Read on to know how to remove some common, difficult stains.

1. Red Wine

best domestic cleaners in londonRed wine stains are a common occurrence especially when you host or attend a party. They can get spilt on clothes and carpets or rugs especially. Regardless of if the stain is fresh or some hours old, it can be removed with a few household items.

  • First, dab the stain with a soft cloth or paper towel. Avoid rubbing the stain or applying much pressure as that will only enable it to set in more.
  • Pour a little amount of cold water to the spot and dab some more. When you have absorbed as much as you can with the cloth, pour some more cold water to keep the spot moist.
  • Take your regular kitchen salt and sprinkle generously on the stain. Use your fingers to pat the salt into the stain with little pressure. The wet state of the stain helps the salt to absorb moisture out of the carpet. Leave it to sit overnight or for a few hours to work on the stain.
  • Afterwards, you would observe that the salt has turned slightly pink from absorbing the stain. Vacuum the spot to remove the salt.
  • The carpet or fabric should be as good as new now, but if the stain remains, use a solution of 3 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part dishwashing liquid. Pour it on the stain and leave to sit for a few hours, then, blot.

2. Pet Stain

best cleaning service in londonEveryone who has a pet loves them dearly, but sometimes they can leave stains on your carpets or floors.

  • Start by removing any solid mess from the area.
  • Next, blot the stain with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Pour white vinegar on the stain and add just a little amount of baking powder to it.
  • Let it all sit for a few hours or preferably overnight.
  • Vacuum the spot afterwards.

3. Coffee

one off cleaning in londonThere’s sometimes nothing more frustrating than spilling hot, brown coffee on your favourite carpet. Not only is this a waste of good coffee but it also leaves you with a dirty looking carpet. Take these steps to remove coffee stains effectively.

  • Blot the stain immediately with a paper towel. Try to absorb as much of the stain as possible.
  • Pour cold water on the stain and blot some more.
  • After eliminating most of the problem, make a cleaning solution from mixing these liquids;

2 cups of warm water

1 tablespoon of white vinegar

1 tablespoon of suitable dish soap

  • Using a soft cloth or clean towel, apply the cleaning solution to the spot.
  • Blot afterwards with a paper towel.
  • If the stain persists, repeat the process of using the cleaning solution and blotting.
  • Ensure that when the stain seems completely removed, rinse the spot by pouring clean water and blotting dry with a paper towel.

4. Blood Stains

cleaning companies in londonBlood stains are a painful occurrence and stubborn to remove from carpet or furniture. The key to removing them completely is to act fast after treating the wound.

  • Use a solution of dishwashing liquid and cold water to blot the stain.
  • Blot it continuously until the stain is gone.
  • If the stain is an old one, or more stubborn than expected, you can try this next step.
  • Mix one tablespoon of ammonia with a half cup of warm water.
  • Use a soft cloth to apply the solution to the stain and blot right after.
  • At this point, the stain should be completely removed and you can rinse by using a clean cloth to apply cold water.
  • Blot dry and your carpet is back to its original condition.

5. Ink Stain

professional cleaning services in londonInk stain can occur on your sofa or carpets. You sometimes have your kids to blame for this but it can be removed quite easily. Obtain any of the following materials:

-Isopropyl alcohol (the higher the percentage, the better it works)

-Nail polish

-Lacquer hairspray.

  • Apply any of the materials listed above on the spot.
  • Blot it with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the process until the stain is removed.
  • Rinse using clean water and a cloth or paper towel.
  • Brush the area when dry and remember to vacuum too.

Tips for Tackling Difficult Stains

  • Always test the materials you will use on a small or inconspicuous portion of the carpet, sofa or cloth.
  • Use absorbent clean cloth and paper towels to tackle stains always.
  • Stains are best removed immediately they occur.
  • Do not apply heat to stains as it will make them sit deeper.
  • Only use mild detergents or dishwashing liquids on stains.

Glimmr offers you the best cleaning service in London. We guarantee a spotless home for you and your family at all times. You can hire our services for a routine home cleaning or right after a party. You can also book our one-off cleaning in London to help you tackle those stubborn or difficult stains that occur in the home. At Glimmr, our professional domestic cleaners are experienced and equipped to provide complete services for you.

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