10 + 1 Ways to Control Dust in Your Home

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10 + 1 Ways to Control Dust in Your Home

Dust is every home owner’s enemy. It can be described as a mass of fine, dry powder which consists of particles of earth, clothing fibres, dead skin cells, pet dander, dirt, and so on.  Dust is everywhere, and it defies your cleaning skills each time. It is always frustrating to see the dust settle in most areas of the home just hours after your thorough cleaning routine. As the best domestic cleaners in London we understand this frustration.  While it is impossible to avoid or prevent dust from coming in, there are steps you can take to control it.

Here are 10 + 1 ways to control dust in your home.

1. Bedding

best domestic cleaners in londonMattresses accumulate fibre particles, dust mites, the dead skin cells you shed and various particles that make up dust in the air and on other surfaces in the home. The dust is distributed each time you wake up, roll over on your mattress or shake the bedding in the home.

To avoid the spread of dust from the mattresses and pillowcases, wash them regularly or weekly. You can also shake them outside a few times a week and vacuum your bed each time you change the sheets. Taking care of your bedding will reduce dust significantly in the home.

2. Organise the closets

best domestic cleaners in londonClosets are a major source of dust in the home. Each time you open your closet doors, clothing fibres and accumulated dust particles spread into other parts of the home. It is almost impossible to avoid especially when you have less satin clothing and more furs or cotton wears. To reduce the onslaught of dust particles or prevent this from happening, keep each cloth in a garment bag or plastic containers. This will help to control the distribution of dust from the closet.

3. Use fewer carpets

best domestic cleaners in londonCarpets are almost a natural home for dust mites. Cloth particles, pet dander and several other dust particles rest easily on carpets and compromise air quality. Each time you use the carpets, you send up a dust storm that dislodges particles on other surfaces in the home.

Typically, dust can be eliminated from carpets by dusting, sweeping or vacuuming them frequently, but this only lasts for a few moments after the cleaning. Hence, it is an ineffective way to control dust.

The best option is to ditch the carpets in your home or reduce their number significantly. Hardwood or tiled floors make it much easier to control dirt and dust. If removing your carpets is not a suitable choice for you, then you can consider upgrading your vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration system or a double-layered microfilter bag. This vacuum cleaner will prevent dust from spreading in the air.

4. Upgrade your cleaning equipment

best domestic cleaners in londonMost times you can make the wrong choices when it comes to cleaning equipment in the home. A lot of homeowners use feather dusters and cleaning cloths that increase rather than decrease the amount of dust in the home. These items remove one layer of dust while replacing it with another in different locations of the home.

Become more strategic with your choice of cleaning materials to control dust. Use damp cleaning rags to clean some surfaces but remember that they may leave residue for the dust to settle on. Also, invest in quality microfibre cloth as a vital part of your home cleaning materials.

A vacuum cleaner with versatile attachments can help you remove dust from a wide range of surfaces and house furniture.

5. Invest in air purifiers

best domestic cleaners in londonAir purifiers are machines that clean the air in your home by trapping dust particles. They come in various shapes, sizes and design to suit every homeowner that requires them. Air purifiers are highly beneficial for homes where a family member or friend has a condition like asthma or allergies. Air purifiers are effective against dust but not dust mites. This means you must maintain a clean environment by keeping up with the house chores.

6. Sweep the floors

best domestic cleaners in londonRegardless of the qualities and benefits of using a vacuum cleaner, the use of a regular broom cannot be undermined. Brooms are highly effective at controlling or reducing dust in most areas of the home. Sweep the floors frequently, especially areas prone to constant accumulation of dust; like the hallways and doorways. Use a dustpan to discard the dust and dirt outside the home in a properly covered garbage can.

7. Mop the floors

best domestic cleaners in londonUsing a wet and sturdy mop to clean the home regularly makes your efforts more effective. Mops can eliminate dust quickly and efficiently. Ensure that you mop frequently and avoid cleaning only when the dust has accumulated.

8. Regularly brush your pets

best domestic cleaners in londonPet dander is a major contributor to dust in the home. If you have pets you can expect your dust levels to increase significantly. You can control this by brushing your pets regularly on a clean or tiled floor. This makes it easier to clean up the mess.

9. Wipe down items in the home

best domestic cleaners in londonDust rests on furniture and other items all the time. They accumulate there and spread constantly into the air. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down your home furniture, pictures, vases, and so on, frequently. For better results, include this in your daily cleaning routine.

10. Keep the dust out on most days

best domestic cleaners in londonDust always finds its way into the home but the amount of dust entering the home can be increased on a windy day. Keep the windows closed on windy days to avoid having much to clean afterwards.

10+ 1 Hire a cleaning company in London

A cleaning company allows you to experience the joy of a stress-free cleaning routine. At Glimmr, we provide you with the best cleaning services in London to control dust in your home. You can book our services for effective cleaning of every area of the home to save you the stress and time required for a thorough home cleaning. We use the right tools to ensure the best results and your happiness.

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