How To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

How To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

A special scented home will allow you and your guests to walk in, inhale deeply and feel totally indulged as soon as they enter, and is the cherry on the cake for your London home clean. Smell is one of the most potent senses we have linked closely to memory and emotion; you’re immediately hit with a memory of a time or place and a well scented house really does make a house a home. Fresh flowers and daily housekeeping will do that but here at Glimmr,  the best domestic cleaners in London,  have set out 8 sure fire tips to make your house smell fabulous.

Smell Good Tip 1: Deodorize By Using Carpet Powder

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One of the most overlooked spots for unwanted smells is the fibres in your carpet. You can make your own carpet freshener, use baking soda or use a store bought version. In any case, sprinkling the carpet and then giving it a quick vacuum can make a big difference in only a few minutes. Check our earlier post on how to clean your carpet. Where you have a light coloured carpet, you can get away with leaving the powder there—just sweep it into the carpet fibres for longer-lasting deodorizing. A huge plus to this is that when you vacuum up carpet fresheners, your vacuum cleaner will smell good, too.

Smell Good Tip 2: Place Candles Tactically

Make your house smell good-candles

Candles are not only great for setting the mood but an easy and obvious way to make your house smell sweet. Candles, and similarly oil burners, can help diffuse a pleasant smell throughout your home quickly. Candles don’t necessarily need to bit lit to diffuse aroma. Instant gratifications comes from lighting the candle in open spaces but for a more long lasting effect, remove the package and place in closed areas such as your linen drawers or wardrobe. Smart placement can increase their efficiency, leaving a long lasting scent. It’s easy to shop for scented candles on Amazon or your local pound store.

Smell Good Tip 3: Bring The Outside In

Make your house smell good-house plants

Plants are natural air purifiers which also beautify your home. Make sure you place the potted plant where there is a lot of natural light and water it weekly. At Glimmr we suggest the following; different kinds of palm trees, orchids, peace lilies, geraniums, Arabian jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenias, corsage orchids, and Cuban oregano.

Smell Good Tip 4: Try a Stove-simmer or Potpourri

Get a Potpourri or Make a Stove Simmer

You can create your own Potpourri or buy one instore for a long term effect. For a more instant effect, try a stove simmer. Fill a saucepan with water, and add citrus slices and herbs, like lavender or mint, simmer on low heat. Sit back and let the heat permeate the sweet fragrance throughout your home. It’s a great way to freshen the air and diffuse a warm comforting waft.

Smell Good Tip 5: Turn on The Oven

Make your house smell good-one off cleaning in London

Freshly baking biscuits, cakes or cookies is an easy way to fill your home with a warm scent and spoil yourself to a little treat. Something simple like banana bread, carrot cake or cinnamon rolls will fill the house with a yummy smell. However, you don’t need a recipe to make this happen. You can pour a teaspoon or two of ground cinnamon and cloves on a baking sheet. Leave it inside a 200°F oven for half an hour, keeping the door ajar. You’ll fill your home with a lovely spicy scent.

Smell Good Tip 6: Amazing Smell of Clean Laundry

Make your house smell good-clean laundry

One of the most wonderful smells in the world is freshly laundered clothes.. Be generous with the washing powder and fabric conditioner and remember to throw in a scented dryer sheet. Hang inside the house to dry but away from the kitchen. You can also use scented dryer sheets or scented cotton balls to tuck around the house. Placing one on a sunny window sill can make the whole room smell as clean and fresh as your laundry room. Or even try taping a new dryer sheet to the back of your dresser to make your underwear drawer smell fresher. You can also tuck some sheets behind curtains or under chairs.

Smell Good Tip 7: Keep Your Disposal Areas Clean

Make your house smell good-clean rubbish

If you notice a persistent smell you might want to check the trash can. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the bottom of your trash can to keep your foul garbage odours at bay. The crystals will help neutralize the smell of those kitchen scraps. Remember to replace the powder every time you take out the trash.
Our others tip for stopping your bin from smelling include keeping the bin out of direct sunlight as the warmth of the sun can speed up decomposition and attract flies. Lastly Glimmr advises disposing food peelings in a compost bin or a separate smaller trash can, rather than in your waste bin, and throwing this out at the end of each day.

Smell Good Tip 8: Use An All Spray Household Cleaner

Make your house smell good-All spray household cleaner

Always have a cleaning disinfectant at the ready. We recommend the spraying bottles that are citrus scented. Keep the spray bottle nearby and use it whenever you need a clean smell in a hurry (or whenever you need to sanitize something).
Since you can wipe almost anything with disinfectant, it’s easy to go over table tops, the fridge, the counters, and other un-fresh places in those few minutes before guests arrive. Glass surfaces are ideal to use disinfectant on. You can also add some to your toilet bowls and the scent will quickly fill your bathroom.

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