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At Glimmr, our aim is to provide the best cleaners in Birmingham and London, so we’re constantly looking for the very best products and techniques to improve our cleaning. One of the things we really look for are techniques and products that are don’t require spraying – lots of customers are actually allergic or sensitive.

One tool our Glimmr cleaners love to carry is a Pumice Stone. We’ll give you the breakdown of two areas around the house where the pumice stone comes in really handy:

  1. For cleaning the Toilet; and
  2. For effortless cleaning of oven and hob

What is a pumice stone?

It’s a volcanic rock that is super cheap (less than a a fiver) and it is miraculous for removing deposits from your toilet bowl and for removing the grease and burnt on mess of ovens. It doesn’t scratch the porcelain and works on the most stubborn deposits from the hard London and Birmingham water. (Just remember not to use the same pumice stone for both!)

1) Spotless Cleaning of the Toilet

How do you use it?

Use your pumice stone to clean and remove mineral deposits from your toilet bowl. Wet the pumice stone before gently scrubbing away at stains. You can use it alongside your usual bathroom cleaner to get rid of particularly bad areas.

What do you need?

  • Pumice Stone– Buy one specifically for the toilet. Keep it with your cleaning supplies, you don’t to confuse it for personal use. Get one here.
  • Disposable Gloves– A good idea if you’re sticking your hands in the toilet! You can get good ones off Amazon.


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The Clean

First take a look at what you are up against. As you can see, we’re in quite a tough position here. This is the typical stain you’re looking at with a lot of toilets after a few weeks. This obviously isn’t the most exciting domestic cleaning post you’ll read, but hopefully very useful.

Clean your toilet

Clean your toilet. Pour some disinfectant inside the bowl and let that rest while you use a rag to wipe the rim and outside the bowl, all the way down to the floor. Don’t forget to do the seat, the lid and the area behind the seat. Sometimes this is overlooked!

Use your toilet brush, place it inside the bowl, a bit of elbow grease and give your bowl a scrubbing! Sometimes you’re still left with this stain. This is where our hack comes into play.

Time to tackle that stain

The trick is to submerge the pumice stone into the water. What this does is softens the stone so it doesn’t scratch. Once wet, start rubbing the strone over the line and it will be as simple as using an eraser to remove a pencil mark from a piece of paper. Depending on the intensity of the stain, you might actually need to use a bit of elbow power.

You might find that some of the stone falls onto the toilet bowl. Just flush the toilet every now and then and just scrub away at some of missed areas. In under a minute, you can have removed all those rings and there’s no need to worry about your toilet health anymore.

Check the results

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Really good right?

2) The Oven, Hob and Stove

The oven is one of the hardest areas to clean. The amount of grease, burnt on mess that builds up takes an eternity to scrub off. One thing that we have actually discovered more recently is just how much more effective the pumice stone is vs the scourer which is normally used.

domestic cleaners Birmingham

How to use:

  1. Do an initial clean of the hob with the usual stove spray
  2. Once clean you’ll see that there is a lot of build up still left on the stove
  3. Wet the area with some water and make sure that your pumice stone is wet to avoid scratching the surface
  4. Scrape away all the grease and burnt on mess
  5. Wipe all the loose muck away and you will have a spotless

Here we’ve made a quick video to show you how we use it as domestic cleaners in Birmingham.

So there you go! The Pumice stone is our secret hack! Combine it with cleaner and also pumice stone and you have the ultimate clean toilet with no harm to the porcelain. Let us know if you’ve had any experiences with pumice stone that we can add to. We love learning new cleaning tips. Click here if you want to learn how to remove limescale from your home.

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