10 Tips for Effective Post-Party House Cleaning in London

House Party

10 Tips for Effective Post-Party House Cleaning in London

House Party

A successful party can be the highlight of your week, and Londoners go all out to ensure their guests can have the time of their lives.

You might not pay much attention to all the clutter while you are having fun but most times after all the guests leave the mess can seem overwhelming.

Some people dread the thought of house parties because of the rigorous cleaning that comes after.

We at Glimmr, London’s best domestic cleaners, understand just how challenging house cleaning in London can be after a party.

In this article, we will be sharing tips to help you achieve an effective post-party cleaning in your home.

1. Accept all the help you can get

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Sometimes guests or close friends offer to help out with the cleaning after the party, but some hosts think it’s more polite to decline. Accepting a little help can go a long way to assist you with the first stages of the clean-up. It gets easier to take on from there.

2. Start with the Basics

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Start the clean-up by gathering plates, glasses, and napkins. Take these items to the kitchen where they belong and move on to put disposable items in the garbage.

3. Tackle the Stains

White nail polish spill

If you notice any stains or spills, you have to tackle them immediately to prevent them from setting and becoming permanent. Here are some tricks to get rid of most party stains;

1. Red Wine

The first step to take in ridding your couch, carpet or fabric of red wine stains is to dab the affected area with an absorbent cloth. Please, do not be tempted to rub or apply unnecessary pressure to the stain. That would only make it worse and seat deeper in the fabric. After dabbing the most of the liquid, you will need soda and salt.

2. Soda and salt

Pour a generous amount of soda over the stain. Next, cover the stain with a layer of salt, and press the salt into the spot. Do this gently, then, let it sit for a few hours preferably till the next morning.

After this time you can sweep away the salt to see your stain-free fabric.

3. White Wine

Using white wine to dispel red wine stains is a trick familiar to domestic cleaning in London. It may seem like quite a waste of good wine but if you do not mind that, dab the red wine stain with small amounts of white wine till it comes off the fabric.

4. Hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid

This solution is for when the red wine stain dries on the fabric or is noticed quite late. Make a solution from three parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dish soap. Pour the solution on the stain a few times but leave to dry each time. The stain will disappear gradually with each application. This solution is a useful addition to your materials for home cleaning in London.

5. Vomit

Some parties can get a little too exciting for some guests so you might have to deal with some vomit stains. Clean up the bulk of the vomit then use a sponge to clean the area with soda water. Next, dry with an absorbent towel, use your carpet cleaner and then, dry again.

6. Beer

You will need white vinegar solution which consists of one-third cup vinegar and two-thirds cup of water. Mop up the liquid then apply the white vinegar solution and dry with a kitchen towel.

The post-party clean-up doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. After these first steps, you can go to bed to start fresh in the morning.

4. Straighten the living room

Upside down room

When you host a party, the living room is going to be the messiest place followed closely by the bathroom.

However, after picking up most dishes and disposing of those unnecessary items your work here will be much more straightforward. Vacuum the carpet or rug and freshen up the couch and other furniture. Remember to use a microfiber cloth to clean delicate surfaces like your TV screen and computer monitor.

5. Clean up the Kitchen


The kitchen would be a cluttered mess of plates, glasses, and cutlery. Wash the dishes with an effective dishwashing liquid and put them away; if any pans or plates prove tough to wash, soak them in warm soapy water for a while.

You can move on to clean the refrigerator, kitchen surfaces, and floor using a disinfectant.

6. Next is the Bathroom


This is probably your least favorite place to clean after such a party. There is no doubt the bathroom would have had its fair share of use, so it needs to be scrubbed and disinfected.

Start by cleaning your shower screen or wash if it is fabric. Scrub down everything from the toilet, countertop to walls and mirrors. Remember to apply a disinfectant while doing any of this.

Wipe down all surfaces and wash the floor, then, replace the bathroom towels and other items.

7. Clean the Bedrooms

Messy bedroom

The party might not have gotten into the bedrooms, but they need to be cleaned regardless. Change the sheets if necessary, dust and wipe the furniture and floor.

8. Clean up the Hallways, Entrance, and Backdoors too

Clean home hallway

With all the traffic in your home during the party the hallways, entrance, and backdoors will be layered with dust and dirt. Sweep or vacuum these areas and wash the floors as needed.

9. Clean up the Outside


It is fair to expect some mess outside. Check the garden and any other areas surrounding your home for beer bottles, and other disposable materials.

10. Book a Cleaning with the Best Domestic Cleaners in London

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Why go through the hassle of a post-party clean up when you can use the services of the best domestic cleaning company in London? At Glimmr, we offer professional cleaning services in London to save you from exerting so much energy at the start of a new day.

If you find your home to look particularly dreadful after a busy night, feel free to book your next clean with Glimmr.

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