How to Get Rid of That Damp Smell in Your Home

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How to Get Rid of That Damp Smell in Your Home

Damp smells can occur every now and then in the home. They plague both old and new houses. Damp smells are usually caused by mold, mildew, or moisture accumulating in a stuffy part of the home. Not only is the smell unpleasant and embarrassing, but it is also unsafe for your health.

Sometimes the source or area affected by damp smells can be obvious, like stains on the walls that indicate a broken pipe. Other times it may prove difficult to identify.

As the best domestic cleaners in London, we have experience in tackling damp smells. In this article, we will be discussing the ways to get rid of them in the home.

Identify the source of the smells

This is the first step you must take regardless of if you choose to call a professional to get rid of the smells. Although damp smells are mostly caused by molds and mildew, you can discover that the source is merely a damp cloth forgotten in a stuffy place. It could be some damp, smelly shoes, mats, and so on. These are simple sources and causes that can be handled easily. However, the source could also be more complex like a plumbing leak, damaged roof, and so on.

Determine the areas that are affected

It is possible for damp smells to be restricted to only a few areas in the home like the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or basement. When the smell affects a few rooms, it means the cause could be something that connects them, like a leak or black damp in the walls. If the smell is just in one room then the cause may be more localized and easier to treat.

To get rid of the damp smells you can hire professional cleaning services in London at Glimmr. We can identify the smells and handle them effectively to help you enjoy a fresh smelling home again. If the cause is structural, like a leak or bad roofing, you would need other professionals to repair them first.

If you would like to handle these smells yourself, read on to learn an efficient way to get rid of damp smells in the home.   

You will need the following materials:

  • A washing machine
  • A spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • Washcloth or cleaning cloth
  • A homemade cleaning agent with good fragrance
  • Sponge
  • A mixture of white vinegar and water- this should be one part white vinegar and one part water. Fill the spray bottle with this.

Fix the structural problem

Before you slap on your cleaning gloves or hire the best cleaning service in London, you must take care of the structural problems. This could be a water leak or lack of structures like a towel bar in the bathroom. Get these larger problems out of the way before proceeding with a thorough home cleaning in London to eliminate the smells.


professional cleaning services in londonIf the source of the smell is clothing such as a damp towel, mats, or any other smaller item, you would need to wash them. Place the cloth in the washing machine and add a small amount of bleach. If it is a fabric that will be damaged by bleach, skip using it and run a normal wash cycle. After this, wash the item by hand in hot soapy water and vinegar. Ensure that you use soaps with good fragrance to wash mildew smelling items.

Sundry and air out

best domestic cleaners in londonAfter washing the items do not place them in a dryer indoors. Take them outside to get dry under the sun and to air them out. This helps to kill germs, brighten colors, and eliminate the damp smells once and for all.

Deodorize the room

best domestic cleaners in londonAfter identifying the implicated room, you would need to deodorize. Take the cleaning cloth and your spray bottle with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Spritz and wipe down all the cabinets, windows, surfaces, and so on. Ensure that other items in the room, both small and large (curtains, rugs, and others) have been washed and air dried.

Wash the walls

best domestic cleaners in londonIf your bathroom is an affected area, you would need to wash the walls. Use the cleaning agent, sponge, and water to give the walls a good clean. Don’t forget to mop the floors right after.

Paint the walls

best domestic cleaners in londonIf mildew and black mold has taken over your walls and is stinking up the house, a simple clean might not be sufficient to get rid of them. Consider repainting the walls with the same color or different one to eliminate the smell and appearance. Note that this is usually last resort but is effective and gives the home a new look alongside.

Deodorize appliances

best domestic cleaners in londonWhen your washing machine, fridge, oven, or other household appliances are the source of damp smells, you can tackle them with baking soda.

Simply clean them with a suitable cleaner, and place a cup of baking soda inside. Allow to sit for about 24 hours and remove it afterward before use. For the washing machine, use the baking soda to run a rinse cycle in it.

Air out the home

best domestic cleaners in londonDamp smells can occur in winter when you have to close the doors more often. It can occur even more frequently in homes that lack proper ventilation. The best solution here is to air out the home completely. Open all windows, blinds, and a few doors to allow fresh air and brightness in. Also, open up cabinets, and closets for proper ventilation too. Ensure that the weather or temperature is right and there is significant change before closing these areas.

Other steps include:

  • Invest in a dehumidifier to improve the air and collect moisture
  • Use essential oils during home cleaning in London
  • Wash trash cans regularly
  • Air out your carpets
  • Use effective air freshener spray

Glimmr offers a one-off cleaning in London to get rid of damp smells in your home. We are experienced, equipped, and efficient to provide you with a sweet smelling home in one visit. Rather than get frustrated or overwhelmed with tackling these smells, book our cleaning services for a faster and more effective solution.

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