10 Things to Clean When the Kids get Sick

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10 Things to Clean When the Kids get Sick

Most parents panic when their kids come home with a fever or the flu. They worry uncontrollably about how much discomfort their children may feel and the possibility of another family member catching the virus. At times like these cleaning can get intense and more frequent.

If you are a busy parent, it might be more useful to hire a cleaner in Birmingham to keep the house clean and as virus free as possible. Domestic cleaners in Birmingham are experienced and trained on how to handle domestic cleaning under such conditions. At Glimmr we efficiently provide professional cleaning services in Birmingham, but if you want to tackle the situation personally, we are always here to give professional and practical advice.

First, it is necessary to whip out the appropriate cleaning materials for times like this. Here are the supplies you need to make your home germ free.


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You need to kill or eliminate the germs present and prevent any more from spreading or causing infections. To do this, you will need an effective disinfectant in your arsenal. Company manufactured products can be bought in the store for this purpose. If you choose to use store-bought disinfectants, always ensure that you read the instructions and follow them to apply the product.

Homemade disinfectants are also equally powerful and can be quickly put together at home. An example of DIY disinfectant is 3% Hydrogen peroxide. You can use it directly by spritzing with a spray bottle, or you can mix the Hydrogen peroxide with equal part water.

Another example is regular bleach. Mix half one gallon of water with ½ cup of bleach for a stronger effect.

Always allow disinfectants to sit on the applied area for a few minutes before cleaning.

Essential oils

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This is one of those times where you come to appreciate the fresh scents of essential oils. Mix 2-3 teaspoons of essential oils in a spray bottle and spray on the disinfected area. Do this only after you have cleaned that area with a disinfectant. Most oils also have antimicrobial properties to support the effects of the disinfectant.

Microfibre cloth

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No cleaning arsenal is complete without an all-purpose microfibre cloth. They are uniquely suited for this purpose because they can clean all surfaces and are easy to wash. Have a few handy for cleaning and drying.

Now that you are equipped here are ten things to clean when the children get sick.

Bed sheets

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On any regular day, our sheets are home to mites that feed on the dead skins we shed every day. These mites can encourage infections and allergies in your body. When the kids are sick, there will be more germs rolling around in the sheets. The sheets also get dirty much faster as a result of sweating and other symptoms of the sickness. Wash the sheets more frequently until the child gets better.


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Clothes are always in close contact with your kids and need to be washed thoroughly when they are ill. Ensure that you pick every wear including coats, underwear, socks, gloves, and so on.

Clean Hands

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Everyone in the home especially your sick child should wash their hands more frequently. Hand washing prevents germs from spreading in the home. Teach the children to use warm water and soap or a hand sanitizer.

Bathrooms and Toothbrush

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The bathroom needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before, during, and after the illness. If you have more than one bathroom, clean them all. You can also confine the sick children to one bathroom to prevent the sickness from spreading.

Disinfect toothbrushes by soaking in Hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards. If the brush is disposable or old, replace it with a new one.

Frequently Touched Surfaces

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Germs and viruses are easily attached to surfaces through touch or any other contact. Clean commonly used surfaces such as the door knobs, light switches, refrigerator handles and so on. Use a damp microfibre cloth and disinfectant to wipe down these surfaces regularly.


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All towels in the home need to be thoroughly washed and changed often. Hand towels especially should be monitored and could also be replaced with paper towels during this time.


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Kids are attached to their toys, and when they are sick, these toys could do more harm than good. Rather than separate your child from their favourite teddy or action figure, always clean them so they do not transfer germs that can infect others or encourage your child’s sickness. Stuffed toys can be tossed in the washing machine, and plastics can be hand washed.


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The kitchen can get messy, and with sick kids, germs can spread fast in this part of the home. Wipe down all the cabinets, countertops, refrigerator, sink and so on. Keep the ill children out of the kitchen and take food or snacks to them. Use disinfecting wipes or solutions with a microfibre cloth to keep this area free of germs.

Waste Baskets

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Always clean the cabbage cans as soon as you empty them out. Give your sick kids a designated basket or bag to throw used tissues. Empty the bucket consistently and replace it.


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Being sick hardly stops kids from playing their video games or watching TV. Wipe down all the electronics including remote controls, computer, mobile phones, console and so on.

Effective cleaning when your kids are sick keeps both germs and the mess at bay. After the illness passes, you also have to do a deep cleaning of your home to prevent a reoccurrence. You can quickly book a one-off cleaning in Birmingham to get this done in a stress-free and efficient way.

Most times hiring a cleaner in Birmingham city centre is all you need to stay less worried and stressed when any family member catches the flu. Viruses can be tough to eliminate and spread quickly; this is why a professional cleaner in Birmingham is the right option.

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